Summary image - Current conditions not showing rain

I’m currently running WD 9.75C with my Ultimeter 2000 weather station and the current conditions do not show when it is raining. The rain totals are correct, but I just can’t get the current conditions to track with the rain. It was running fine for the last couple of months, but ever since I upgrade to 9.75 it stopped working. I skipped a few updates in the past month so I don’t know exactly where it broke or something got changed.

Also I think I found a bug with the auto upload on the forecast5day.gif file. If I use the auto upload after about 3 hours no files with get uploaded to my website and the customtxt file on my computer will not get updated. If I tick “let me manage datahtm2” and manual set WD to upload the forecast every hour everything works fine. Any ideas on that one?


make sure you do not have the snow melt icon threshold in the sunmmary image setup set low.
i.e 50 is the default(i.e 50oC)
if you have it set to say 0oC, then that means any rain recorded and the temperature is over 0oC, then WD presumes it is snow melt, and does not report its raining and does not allocate a rain icon (but instead allocates a now melt icon)

the other bug:
when this happens, check under view, program error log (scroll down) to see if any errors there.
the 5 day forecast file should get uploaded at the next scheduled ftp upload after it is updated

Just to follow up on this one. I exchanged lots of email with Brian and I have the problems solved. The problem with the current conditions was an easy one, just reset the snowmelt back to 50. Not sure when that got changed but that did the trick.

For the second problem it looked like the FTP was failing after a few hours of running. It turns out that program was having some problems and the program stopped recording data. I turned off “Enable Real Time Data Uploading” in the web page setup. It is near the bottom and the program has been running for the past 24 hours. Hopefully this can help others who are having problems.