Summary image background is always black

when i click on the WD screen in the area above the time to bring up the summary image, the background image I selected for the summary image looks great!

but the images shown by the files summary.gif and summary.jpg in the webfiles folders and what’s on the web page always have a black background :frowning:

How come?

it might be your windows graphics driver/video card affecting the capture to gif
although that should not affect the jpg…image
(i was going to suggest to use 16 bit desktop colour)
but, try also, changing the background colour of the summary image…in the summary image and icon setup…and try ticking, it is a static image?

oh, and re your signature web page URL, you need to add index.htm to the end, otherwise the browser is trying to open the wap file index.wml!

try setting the desktop colour (right mouse click, properties, settings) to 16 bit for starters

the option is to use all jpg images
(tick to use jpg, in the web files/web page setup)
(and then rename any file extensions in the datahtm files that dont get changed auto)