Summary .gif or .jpg?

Hey Guys… I’ve been having a problem for some time now to have the Summary image upload correctly to my webpage. Right now, the Summary.jpg file is loading, however it appears that the image/file itself is only updated once a day (early morning hours). Looking at the web files section, the .gif image is updated all the time.

How can I change from .jpg over to .gif so as to ensure it’ll upload with the rest of my files?

untick the setting under control panel,summary image and icon setup to use jpg
also if using the customise internet and file creation setup, make sure the remote file name is correct there for the summary image (i.e the file extension)

Thanks BRain; I’ve not changed any settings, yet it continues to attempt to load the summary.jpg Have a look at the attached.

restart WD
but also check the remote filename is set correct for the summary image file upload in the customise internet and file creation setup
but also check that you do not have set to use jpg in the webfiles/web page setup

Thanks for the help Brian; I’m good to go now.

Hope all is well, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to get on and read up on things. The software is still working great after all these years!

All my best,


in case someone else had a similar problem, what was the solution?

Simple mistake ; webfile one… I removed the tick for .jpg or .gif, and everything was fine.

On an off-topic note, was there anything ever developed for mobile/pda viewing of data? have a look at a post from many moons ago: