Suggestion: Snow depth - history (still not working)

During the winter season I measure the snow depth each day. I enter it under “Current snow depth” in WD and it’s displayed on my WDL page. But from what I can see the history is not saved anywhere. The only thing saved is the last inputted value.

In Norway where I come from we have snow more than half of the year, and the important figure that people want to see is the snow depth and the history. A graph showing the history would also be great. I know that several people here using WD (including myself) have to record snow depth outside of WD.

Brian: My question is, would it be possible to include this in a future version of WD? That would be great and would save many people from a lot of work. The ideal thing would be to have a table with day by day snowdepth and a graph that can also be uploaded to the web server.

I second that! :smiley:

I just received a PM from Brian saying that he has added this in B87 :smiley: That’s great. I will test it tomorrow!

After testing I see that this is still not working :frowning:

2 days in a row I have input “Current snow depth” under “Input daily weather”. What I input there is NOT saved to the *lg2.txt like Brian said. Both days show 0 for Snow depth in the *lg2.txt file.

Then I tried to edit one week in February, entering current snow depth for neach day in the 22010lg2.txt. I input snow depth between 116 and 120 for each day of that week. When going to View->Inputted snow, selecting 2/2010 and Updtate graph it shows 100 for ONE day of that week, nothing for the rest. The table also show 100 for February 2010.

I hope that Brian can take a look at this.

Runar is right - the only snow value logged in the *lg2.txt is the “Today’s snow fall”.

If Brian could implement logging of the “Current snow depth” field, we would be a far step closer.

Have you been able to look into this. The snow is falling outside (snow depth of 67cm right now), and the historical values inputted in the “Current Snow Depth” is still not saved any where. Any chances for doing this in a future version? As I have said before, here where we have snow almost half the year, the current snow depth is the most important value to report on.