Stretching my avatar?!?

Is there a way I can keep my avatar from getting stretched? #-o Here is the actual photo (80x60):

and you can see it looks taller over there

I’ll bet it’s being constrained to a certain width and it’s actually narrower, not taller. - Jim

You could put it on a 100 by 100 transparent background like this :wink: You can right click and save this image to your pc and then set it as your avatar.

Its actually a web cam picture that updates every hour?!?

Hard to solve the problem without all the facts…

Sorry… don’t know what info is necessary.

I believe you need something to resize your hourly photo to a maximum width of 100 and yet retain the original aspect ratio. I’ve never used WD’s thumbnail capability, but perhaps that would do it. Otherwise a PHP script, ImageSalsa or some other external process. In any case, the forum software is going to fit it into a 100x100 container.

  • Jim

No problem :smiley:

It doesn’t always resize, check out my lazy dog, that’s 100 wide but only 59 high. Maybe if it is 100 wide it won’t “fix” the height? Or maybe it’s related to the file format, maybe it doesn’t resize a .gif?

What file format is the webcam pic?

because of the problems the gdiplus.dll file has caused, i have set the thumbnail creation back to a more simpler (but not as good) method

Actually when I right click on your Avatar and view image the properties of that image it is 320 X 240…

I tried adding width and height tags to my image URL but it doesn’t seem to take in SMF…


SMF will re-size anything that’s bigger than 100100 to 100100, so that’s why the image stretches. You either need to make the image the right size or make it square so that the re-sizing doesn’t stretch it.

Ok, I see now. I was using CarterLakes’s script to resize the image; however, it would seem that the image is not resized just reconstrained. I will need to think on it a bit to see how to set the image to the correct size. Thanks everyone for the help!