Strange Blank Space w/ Alt Ajax Dashboard

Last night my web pg was suddenly dorked up. Above the original alternate ajax dashboard is a mystery pg. When I replace the alt dashbrd, the mysterious open space disappears. I haven’t made any changes to my index.php, and I replaced my alt ajax with the orig. This problem doesn’t happen w/ FF. No Pista updates made prior to the dork-up.

Could someone please enlighten me?

I think what you are seeing is the difference between IE8-compatibility mode (or IE7-) rendering versus FF/Opera/Safari/Chrome rendering. IE computes that the alt dashboard (with current css) just doesn’t ‘fit’ in the space beside the menubar, so it pokes it down the page where it could fit. IE8-native mode (and FF/Opera/Safari/Chrome) all fudge-down the spacing and makes it fit … IE (except for IE8-native mode) is not as bright and 'does what the CSS and content says.

BTW… while the alt-dashboard has width=“620” in its surrounding table, the actual width is 658px (unfudged).

Best regards,

I didn’t know Microsoft was going to be so picky with my “fudge Factor” when IE8 came out! #-o


Oh fudgesickles. I turned off compatibility mode and all is well.

Thank you very much. I added a bulletin at the top.