Still problems with WD

I continue to have some stability problems with WD, and the
error log reflects some errors.

  1. WD hangs every minute for at least 20 seconds, and the file…help bar becomes white, Process explorer
    lists close to 100% CPU use for WD. (not moviemaker)

  2. The program error log shows 5-10 messages as this:
    -Invalid class typecast
    -Above error or program log occured at :07:36 30/01/12

  3. The Debug version does not generate any clues beyond the above, and wheatherD.elf is not generated. ??

  4. The functions i checked seem to work ok, just WD is not responsive during 20 seconds

Any ideas ?

I almost forgot : XP AMD64 3G 2 GB mem WD 10.37R08

that error means a problem with the image type/file type used for the webcam/all day video or animated webcam or similar

try resetting/checking those settings

I changed the filetype used for the daily webcam image to “jpg” as
they are much better quality, could that be the cause ???

Waht registry keys here ??

the error often is when a jpg is used when a gif was expected,eg for the animated gif or similar
could even be an icon image set to be used

Thanks Brian, that was it. The animated webcam image was set to " jpgwebcamimage.jpg"

I do not understand how that can happen, as the dialog only allows for GIF images
to be selected… Is there a crosslink with one of the other settings screens ???

Hi, my WD also hangs every minute for at least 10 seconds & the task manager shows weatherD.exe goes from about 2% upto 50% & wdwebcamcaptur goes from 6% upto 45%. it has allways done this, not realy sure what you are talking about (error often is when a jpg is used when a gif was expected) program event log shows see attacchment. using xp & 10.37r b05.

many thanks


If you have a webcam setup to work with WD and you have set it to use the jpgwebcam.jpg image for the animated webcam instead of jpgwebcam.gif then it will cause this problem.

Hi Budgie, still not not sure what you mean, see screen shots, are these alright.


Your settings are OK and as you’re not getting these errors on a regular basis then I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
It may be that the webcamcapture was trying to save a new image at the same time as WD was uploading the image to your website, or something like that. :wink:

Hi, ok I will leave it all as it is then.

many thanks.