Still getting multiple emails to the wrong account

Here’s a screen shot of my weather warning email setup. I only have one email in the send to list but I still get 2 emails sent to the [email protected] address. The way the form is set up it should only send email to the list of recipients correct?

you will always get a email sent to the address in “Your email address”
that is the way it works (and then you know an email was sent, becuase you get one too)
so that is why you get 2 (i.e becuase you also have en email in the too list that send one to yourself as well)

its not a bug, but a design feature

But Brian. I’m getting 2 sent to me in addition to the one in the list. A total of 3 emails. One to me and one to the other address is enough. Could it be the pager setup?

could be…i see you have that setup…but that should be a different format…which you would notice…and it should only get sent to the pager only

The second email I receive is in a shorter format. Any way to suppress the second one. The reason I ask is if I send the warning email to say 2 other accounts I get an additional email sent to my account for every email in the list. So if I send it to 4 accounts I get 5 emails.