Stationless or 1-wire/AAG?

I have set up a set of sensors at work without a wind measuring component. I have two temp sensors from Dallas, 2 AAG humidity, an AAG barometric pressure sensor. Do I set up this a a stationless setup?

Also, when I check I have AAG Barometer, do I also check I have a Barometer. If both are necessary why can’t checking the AAG box cause both to be checked?

Thanks in advance for your help.

i would use statinoless mode, and under com port setup, tick i want to use a dallas 1 wire as well, and select the com port to use

only tick the aagbaro if you have a aag barometer…
ticking the other one: you would also need to asign the ROM id, and the voltages, but with the aag baro, you just need to tick you have it,and then its automaticly setup

Thanks for the return message and help.

The barometer shows flat line on the software.

Also, even when I uncheck the “I have a brometer” the barometer raw data box comes up asking for imput. I ignore it.

Thinking that the problem might be the topology, I added a hub. No change in the barometer info.

On to the Hub issues. The “I have a hub” unchecks itself each time I come back to setup dallas 1-wire sensors menu. This may cause issues but cant tell.

Last - I have no soil temp guage but the note turns on. I sent the ini file so you can review.

I also sent the screen captures. dallassetup-Top, middle and bottom are the setup with the hub option checked. The dallassetup.gif is after I go back to the setup dallas 1-wire sensors menu.

Thanks again in advance.

These are with the check working

This is how the setup changes back to unchecked for the hub.

This is the flat line


one thing to check:
you need to click on save/reset after making any changes
and for the aag baro, try click on the reset settings button

Brian - I have saved multiple times and hit the reset as well.

Any other suggestions?

i do see what you mean about the soil showing when it should not
i will check up on that
i am going to add a setup for which extra temp or hum or other sensors people want to show above the windspeed…

ok, i have found some duplication in the code
uploading a new verison now

please try a new 9.79d verison now…

The Soil temperature dissapeared after rebooting, but is back when resetting the hub. None of the other items have changed. Still a baro flat line. The hub unchecks after saving and exiting the Dallas 1-wire setup.

Also, the extradials.gif does not upload.


what is the raw reading?
what altitude do you live at?
did you try a baro reset next to the aag button?
i am not sure why the is not sticky
email me your wdisplay.ini file…
i dont think come to think of it the aag barometer will work with the hub…
and a hub is not needed if you network wiring is good, and you use CAT5.
A link adaptor is a good idea though
(sorry , but I dont recommend the hub with WD, as it not 100% supported)

Brian - An update on the hub and Baro. They have been working great. I downloaded the latest 9.80c version and the baro flatlined. I tried the usuals, reset, removing and putting back in, etc.

Then I separately executed the file aagbaro.exe and this caused the baro reading to change.

There is also a access violation message coming up.

The Hub still is not sticky, but is working very well.

The soil temp is showing on the main page but I do not have one.[/img]

humm, i do have another report of the baro not working in 9.80 or above, but i am not sure why
try the aag baro reset in the dallas setup, an give it a few mintues
also try a pc reboot…

make sure though the aag baro is not on a hub switched line

also check if you dont maybe need a barometer offset?