startWUhistory.php missing file

i’m trying to set Extra pages links in the menu as mentioned in the support file , specifically i wanted to activate wu history and reports and so i edited the file "_my_settings/frames.php " but as no value appeared, I found and followed @pwsdashboard guidance here PWS-Reports-History available for 2012_lts .

Now the translation for my language and the “wu reports” page works but, for the “wu history” page the pwsWD/startWUhistory.php file seems to be missing, I don’t know where to find the right and/or updated one.


Searching the forum I found in this thread External scripts which use WeatherUnderground .CSV data - #42 by pwsdashboard the missing file, can I use this? If yes, do I have to change something by chance or is everything then automatically updated?

Thank you

If you look at the readme.rtf file in the .zip download at PWS-Reports-History available for 2012_lts I think you will find that startWUhistory.php has been replaced by PWS_wuhistory.php, and startWUreports.php replaced by PWS_wureports.php: you have to add new lines after lines 27-41 (?) in …/_my_settings/frames.php

I must admit that I have not tried this version because I am still running the original, so I hope I am reading it correctly. If so, you do not need the file you found at External scripts which use WeatherUnderground .CSV data - #42 by pwsdashboard.

I followed exactly as written in the readme.rtf file (hoping to have done well) that I report below (with the changes made):

Then I copied the 2 “PWS_wuhistory.php” e “PWS_wureports” files in the “pwsWD” folder (replacing the existing ones).
Subsequently I copied the 2 “wuhistory” e “wureports” folders outside the “pwsWD” folder.
Then I updated the scripts via pwsWD/PWS_updates.php.

Result is that “wureports” opens

while for “wuhistory” it indicates me -no valid data for the period found- and if I click -Click here to go back to the script brings me to the page below

WUhistory error

In the meantime, thank you, hoping that sooner or later I resolve but I can’t understand what’s wrong

Sorry, nor can I :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi, any idea why this happens?
Thank you

No idea. When I run the scripts, both on the “official” test-site and on my local test-site, there is no “old” script needed.
The HTML shows

<!-- begin frame or extra page  -->
<div class="PWS_weather_container " >
<div class="PWS_weather_item " style="width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 2px;">
<!-- module PWS_wureports.php (59): loading ../wureports/wsReports1part.php -->
<!-- loaded script: wsReports1part.php (27): 4.04 2021-05-10 -->

Sorry, but not much I can do here.


Really strange that “wu reports” page works but the “wu history” is not found.

As soon as I have a moment I can try to restore everything without the need to use the “old” script, in the hope that everything will resolve itself but, the only thing I did initially was enable “Extra pages in the menu” in “frames.php”.

When I saw that everything didn’t work, I found your indication PWS-Reports-History available for 2012_lts and I followed it all.

Here External scripts which use WeatherUnderground .CSV data - #42 by pwsdashboard I found the missing .php page which I could download and place in / pwsWD/startWUhistory.php but, I don’t know if it can work for me.

Hi Wim,
cannot start History WU and Reports WU. The result is the message Our weather-data as stored at Weather Underground in History WU. There is a blank page in Reports WU. I don’t know what to do anymore. Thanks for your help

Hi ZZipik,

Welcome to the forum.

First 5 lines of the start script: . . /pwsWD/PWS_wuhistory.php point to the location of the history scripts.

<?php $scrpt_vrsn_dt  = 'PWS_wuhistory.php|01|2023-02-15|'; # beta release 2012_lts 
#                 EXTRA SETTINGS for this script
$wu_fldr= '../wuhistory/'; # next to pwsWD/
$wu_fldr= './wuhistory/'; # inside pwsWD/

The start-script is looking for the first WU script in a folder wuhistory/ which is, according to your setting, located at ./ which means inside the current folder ( your pwsWD/ folder).

But there is no such folder, it results in a 404 error

You placed the wuhistory/ folder next to ( = at the same level) as the pwsWD/ folder. The start script needs a pointer 1 step back to the root. For that ../ is used.
With that locator the file will be found:

To do: Set line 5 of the start script to comment, the first 5 lines should look like:

<?php $scrpt_vrsn_dt  = 'PWS_wuhistory.php|01|2023-02-15|'; # beta release 2012_lts 
#                 EXTRA SETTINGS for this script
$wu_fldr= '../wuhistory/'; # next to pwsWD/
# $wu_fldr= './wuhistory/'; # inside pwsWD/


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Thanks for the advice, everything is now working. Where are the data for the tables loaded from? When I changed the weather station, in the heat of testing, I set up a new ID on WU and this loads the data for the last year. I plan to go back to the original ID after the new year because of the history that has been since 2010.The question is, is it possible to back up this year and mark the files with the read-only attribute?The original weather station was simultaneously in operation until 10/2023. The data will then be overwritten and will not be current.
It is planned to add UV or sunshine hours to the overview, see
I plan to ask more questions, but I will direct them to the post First time user: Post your problems here.
At the same time, I apologize for the google translation, I’m not very good at English.


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Hi Honza,
No that is not planned due to the data-format used by the scripts.

But you can use your " Murry Conarroe " sc ripts easily, by adding a link to that page into the menu of pwsWD.


Hi Wim
Do you mean by editing the frames.php file? I already tried something here, but I can’t run the file directly in the pwsWD template, for example wxsunhoursdetail.php. If it’s even possible. I know how to link to the website in a new window.


Everything you can run in an iframe, you can add to the menu.
As the scripts you mention are tailored for the Saratoga template, you will have the full Saratoga page. inside the frame.
If you do not prefer that, you can indeed bertter use the new-page.

Or you can install the same scripts as stand-alone. But why should you do all this as a few links to the dSaratoga pages will do.

Hi Wim,
I don’t understand PHP very well and I don’t know exactly what to put in the frames file to display the pages in the pwsWD template. Thanks a lot for the advice.

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I don’t know if it’s correct, but it’s solved. I’m attaching the code.
$key = ‘WXtempdetail’;
$frm_ttls[$key] = ‘Report History at OregonWMR200’; // name in menu
$frm_src[$key] = ‘http://mysite/weather station component/wxtempdetail.php’;
$frm_hgth[$key] = 1000;


Hi Wim and first of all Happy 2024!

To resume my problem about WUhistory, I tried again to follow the passages indicated here PWS-Reports-History available for 2012_lts , downloading everything like the first time but, nothing has changed.

Maybe I am wrong something, or I don’t understand some step, or I explain to me badly but, in the “” folder, the “startWUhistory.php” file is missing and maybe the problem is right there … I don’t know where to find it.
I found and downloaded this External scripts which use WeatherUnderground .CSV data - #42 by pwsdashboard but, after having changed the 3 lines 11- 12-13,

From so:

to so:

and put the file in the folder /pwsWD/, if I open the WUhistory script, this message appears again

and by clicking the writing in gray this page appears

Honestly, I give us back, I don’t know what to read, try or follow!

Hi amonphi,

Honestly, it is very difficult to help you.
No link to the pwsWD website.
The link in your avatar https website for meteotemplate does not support https. Changing it to http results in incomplete data with 82 http errors

Your PWS_Dashboard website which has only one http error for your webncam image, again http ↔ httpds problems.

That said, I downloaded the
Used a normal PWS_Dashboard website and all is working.

I explained this a few times and have no idea why it is not working at your place.
I did not see any remarks from other users that they have similar problems.
You are again using startWUhistory.php which generates a message
<b>Warning</b>: Undefined variable $ws_commontemp_type in <b>/membri/meteopaparano/wuhistory/WU-History4.php</b> on line <b>188</b><br />

Below that there is a “fatal” error.
You have https for your own scripts.

module PWS_wuhistory.php ws_makeRequest (89): data will be loaded from

That https is coming from your own easyweather-settings.
That “invalid” link will not work at WU, so no data is returned.

Please open easyweather-setup and press the green button at the right to save again.

Maybe you are changing too much or there is another problem or are you mixing old and new scripts.
But these are very old scripts and only supported as is.
Writing this explanation after visiting your site to check the scripts using sce=view, run the scripts in test-mode, finding errors which point to your settings
→ and so on is a real waste of my time.

So adept the setting and maybe it will work OK.
If not please stop changing scripts and sent an email or PM with your FTP settings and your support token.
I will take a look to see what is wrong.
If you do not currently have a support token, I advise you to use other scripts and ask you politely to stop posting the same problem over and over again.


Hello, infinitely sorry, my link is , in haste I omitted the main thing to request help!

That is an invalid HTTPS link.


the connection is not private
Cyber criminals may try to steal your data from (e.g. passwords, messages or credit card details). More information


Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead
Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.
What can you do about it?
The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the website’s administrator about the problem.

Safari certificate error also

But i already expalined a few times that you have to look to yourself and not waste time of others.