"Start as a service un der NT" : cannot cancel thi


WD is installed on a XP home Windows.

Just to try, I have selected the “Start as a service un der NT” option. It started effectively with Windows (but “as a service”, I am not sure at all : WD does not appears in the WP “services control panel” with the other services)…

So now, I want to cancel this option. I re-selected “No” for this option, and re-started Windows : WD is still starting with Windows.

I found a similar problem in an older post of this forum. I downloaded “StartupMan.exe” software from this post, but this program causes a GPF error when I try to run it.

Please tell me the registry option I must delete/re-initialize with RegEdit in order for WD not to start at all with Windows.




I had the same problem

If you look in the registry under HKEY_USERS\xxxxx\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
you should find a reference to WD, just delete it and it should work.

(otherwise you can search the registry for 'runonce", it is the entry just above.



Thanks for the answer…

…but I have already done the scan for all “run” and “runonce” keys of the registry before asking in the forum, without finding any entries talking about Weather Display… ???

I am still using the “unregistered” version of WD : can the problem come from here ?

I had the problem when the software was not registred.

I tried it again and I found the key now onder

ie local machine instead of users

maybe this helps



That’s it ! :slight_smile:

Many thanks,