StarDot Netcam Question

I am trying to get my netcam to work with my WD and have WD make a all day video with it. I been reading this and this one but it is just for a picture it don’t tell how to use a network camera into a all day video.

Can someone give me a hit or 2? Thanks.

Most folks are probably not familiar with that camera and that includes me, but, if you can give us some info we can help. I use a network camera to create snapshots but I don’t make a movie out of them.

The all day video is actually all the days snapshots played as a movie. IIRC, you need to have timestamped images being saved for the movie maker as those are the files it uses, so make sure you have that turned on and the files being saved.

Are you currently using snapshots from the camera on your site?

Here is the url for the webcam (were I got it at)

The camera you see on my site now is just a cheep usb camera. The one at the top right of this page is the one I want to use for my weather cam (has more to look at)

Thanks for the reply.

At the moment I don’t think you can create a video from a IP camera ( well I couldn’t anyway :frowning: )
Brian was saying he might be able to get Moviemaker to run from the 3rd party webcam setup.

Ok. Thanks for the info. Will just have to wait it out then :slight_smile:

Spent some time working on this today and think I see the problem. I will take another look at this later today after I have a few images to work with from my camera. The only problem I see so far is getting the time stamped images to the alldayvideo folder. I will look at this more today and see if I can narrow down the problem.

Edit: Ok, mine is working but has some problems.

First, it doesn’t seem to want to remember the settings for start and end time. I set it to start at 0500 and end at 2200 but all I ended up with is 1200-1300.

Second, the camera is taking snapshots on a 5 minute interval, but the alldayvideo is saving images every minute.

Third, the actual video appears at a 45

I didn’t get a chance to look into this further and I go back to work tomorrow so not sure when I will get a chance to work on it again. It does at least try to work, so anyone with an IP camera should give it a shot. You might get different results that I did and more clues would help if Brian needs to fix anything.

I managed to get the last video to create as an mpg and I converted it to wmv myself.

So it can be done now? Is it the same setup as for a camera that is on the computer???

The only way I can get the video to produce is by clicking the “Make last hour video now” button in web cam capture, it will not work automatically as it did with my USB camera.
Once you have the time stamped webcam pics being produced the setting I am using are much the same as with my old camera.

it should still work auto…
you will need to have the wdwebcamcapture running all the time
and still have the switch ON (main switch), etc, …

Dan, I grabbed a copy of your video and it looks OK to me, I converted it to wmv in case a it is a codec issue…

I have everything as it should be, but alas no video. :slight_smile:

what about the switch in the file create screen, that needs to be on too

Now that is strange. I viewed the wmv file you created here and it looked ok so that rules out my player. I will take some screen grabs to show how I set things up here. It did take me a while to get the timestamped images to be produced, but I am still getting double saves, one with jpgwebcam.jpg as the file name and the other with jpgweb2cam.jpg. Not sure why it’s doing that, obviously I have something not set right. I had a hard time getting the correct filename and location set in the setup screens so I may have missed one somewhere. I think the animated webcam settings are messing me up.

I have a family reunion this weekend so I can’t play with my setup. I will try some of the info everyone gave me here next week.

I have the file create switch OFF in webcamcapture, isn’t that setup only for a USB webcam?
I am using the 3rd party setup to create the jpgwebcam image.

Edit- I have now tried with the file create switch ON all day today, but there was no change

I am still having problems with this, I don’t know exactly what I did but the videolastday.mpg is producing every hour, but the lastday.wmv & yesterday.wmv are not :?

Just one other thing, should there be a finish.txt file in wdisplay folder? At the moment there is not.

If there should be I don’t have one also.