Sprucing up Webcam32s generic loading images

Hey Kevin,

I’m working on sprucing up my generic Webcam32 loading images… I’ve played with them but just don’t like what I’m doing.

Any thoughts?

Here are the generics:


Here’s the work in progress:


You could give them an image to look at…

I did like the dog one though…

Stunningly good as usual. I wish I could do that with graphics :frowning:

Thanks Kevin.

The only problem is that these are GIFs (and they have to be) and I’m not sure 48K isn’t too large… at least for the pause and tech difficulties images.

Unfortunately, any pixs with less than 256 colors looks horrible.

I’ll have to keep playing around with the idea.

That puppy image is an old TV “tech difficulties” image that I found on the net and thought was cute.

I only spent about 10 minutes on the first set because all I had to find was the background
image. I already had the round logo image as a raw source.

Here is basically the same image in 256 colors, 16 colors and without the blue round, 9 colors.

256 Colors - 41k

16 Colors - 16k

To get less and still have some image left… you can remove the circle (to not need the blue color) and just put text…
9 Colors - 12k