Spikes still in one wire temp readings?

Any idea why my one-wire temps spikes when the temp is rsising. It looks good faling but rising it looks choppy?

no spikes in the dallas 1 wire temp greg
its good as gold.
what you are seeing is a weather phenomena, and is ofen caused ny clouds passing over the sun.
this should not be under bug reports

There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky today? We are under a strong high pressure. Is there anyway to “slow” down the temp readings so as to eliminate the spikes.

i am 100% confident if you are using the latest vers of wd (or a vers after I fixed the temp jumps) its not a problem with WD
any number of weather phenumonen can explain this
i.e heating of black surfaces creating areas of warm air that move over your area, etc
the jumps in the 1 wire that i fixed was 1oC, and were easily visible on the autoscale graph…have a look there at these movements greg
this should not be under bug reports
dont forget i use dallas 1 wire temp routines myself, and its OK, believe me

Smooth as glass here…

No choppiness (is that really a word :?: ) either raising or falling.

Running Dallas V1 WS with WD Ver 9.64

thanks for the carification
greg, the fact it was smooth when the tempeature was falling…
means its not wd’s fault, and just a local weather phenomena recorded as the day heated up
just put it down as one of those things

I like the explanation of the black surfaces as my station is on the roof but is about 15 feet above the surface. I also noticed that it was only occurring during the day so I’ll bet your right on the heat rising and causing this. I guess I need to put a small fan in the pagoda and see if this helps. Sorry for putting this in bug reports. Greg

I have the wavy on mine, it is flux in the various conditions that produce the weather. WD is fine.

i think we all need a break!

my latest project is I got a pocket pc and I think it is giving me fits for a while.

I agree, lets look at those things that do work and go from there.

Brian needs to go fishing alone. take a nap, leave the weather alone.
the rest of us, lets turn off those things that don’t work. let the program run a while and then lets PARTY???