Speaking weather - NOAA Forecast

Well, had a brain-fart and that’s usally pretty bad, but my :?: is:

How could I add the NOAA forecast, my file /download/il011.txt to my speaking file?
customtalking.txt contains my specific current data and it works great!!

So, if there was a tick on the setup page for speaking, could WD cantenate this il011.txt to create a new customtalking.txt file or something similar.

I know, Brian has gone into the corner again blabbering and foaming at the mouth…lol…(hopefully using Ivory soap this time)

I am guessing that the text reader from XP might be able to read the thing, then somehow use that thing?

Since WD reads this il011.txt file generating the new forecast, my thought was to write this into a temp file, then if there was a tick on speaking setup, it could include that temp file into customtalking.txt. Maybe even a new %tag% would do it as well. That %tag% could also reference that temp file??

i could get wd to have a custom tag for each days forecast, from the 5 day forecast, which you can then add to the custom speech or your web page (i.e so you can have just todays forecast)
sounds like a good idea to me

That sounds like a plan… Makes better sense as well versus ‘saying’ everyday of that forecast…

i have added these custom tags, for each of the 8 forecast days, in the latest vers
so you can now use these custom tags where you like

Have downloaded the 9.72 version, where do you have these tags? I’ve looked through the tag file and am not seeing them in there.

%5dayforecastday1%…Forecast from the 5 day forecast graphic image from a downloaded NOAA zone forecast file (which must be first selected),repeat up to day 8

i had it under general

i have now added to metar download

i have just fixed up the 5 day forecast generation…it was not working on 1 forecast i have here
uploading a new 9.72 now

darn bi-focals…lol will download after bit the updated 9.72.


Well it does work, nice spelling lesson from NOAA & Microsoft. I believe since NOAA puts out their forecast in all CAPS, MS has their system set to say the letters versus the words. Example CLEAR comes out as C L E A R when spoken… Interesting.

a new 9.72 is ready now

Version: 9.73
Have been surfing around trying to figure out why the speaking forecasts we’re using in WD “Spells” out the forecast versus speaking the words.

Nothing was found at MS, so to satisfy my curiosity, I found a program called ‘Elan Speech’ speaking program. I downloaded/installed and had that program to process my NOAA ilz011.txt file. Sure enough it actually spoke the text, even with it being all caps. Matter of fact, it even spoke words that were abbreviated by NOAA. Instead of saying the abbreviation, example: “FRI” was spoken as “Friday”. Even the numerical dates were spoken Month day Year instead of the numbers.

So my question is why WD’s processing the %5dayforecast1% tag ‘spells’ it out versus speaking the words? Any clues?