Something wrong, I posted a post, it is gone (Now fixed - really)

I posted a post, it was there, I edited it, poof it is gone.
I posted it again. I replied to it, poof it is gone. something weird going on with this forum today. :roll:

Database corruption?

It is in “Custom Templates and Scripts”
Title: NOAA RSS Top Warning 2009 PHP Script (Beta)

I tried to post it 3 times, I give up, hopefully it can be fixed. :oops:

(Title edited - niko)

At what time approximately?

It’s not in the deleted bucket. There was something strange earlier today with a posting from MichaelPT which appeared in “unread” but had no content and has now disappeared too.

i went to reply, but there was no text in the topic

I was going to reply to check your time zone/daylight saving

Second user with this problem today, so something is wrong.

Ken posted to this thread. “ss attached”

But its not showing up.

Here is the link to the reply to my post that is gone. this post is not in the “Custom Templates and Scripts” index

The only way my post can be found is in the “last seen” area of the “Custom Templates and Scripts” category


Yes… I did post to that thread (twice) and the third time is stuck in ‘loading’. Maybe the database has a corruption issue?
The third time, it gives an url of,true.html#new for the posting… what’s with the ‘new/spam,true.html’ … did my posting use some forbidden phrase?


The index looks fixed now. Posts are back


Sorry…my fault. I installed a spam checker. It seemed to be working OK, until it knew I’d gone to bed! It’s uninstalled for now.

Looks like it did it again. ken posted as shown here " Today at 07:05:20 AM
by ktrue " In this thread

but did not show up.

Yes, I see it with other posts too. I have reported it to “the management”.

I don’t know what went wrong, but it seems the spam checker didn’t actually uninstall when I tried to do that this morning. Hopefully things are back to normal now? Please let me know if they’re not.

Seems to be OK now :thumbright:

another big thanks to Chris for your support with the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks niko and Brian. I wish some of my support wasn’t needed…especially the support after something I do goes wrong :oops: