Something I am missing

Hi All. I am sure I have something missing but can’t see what the hell it is. I have the custonclietraw thingo uploading etc. In fact if I edit the location of the file and change the name of the file the g_realTimeURL = “customclientraw.txt”; line to say g_realTimeURL = “customclientrawtest.txt”;

I get a 404 error displaying in the lcd but if I leave it the way it is (and I assume it can find it) the page just sits there with no action saying Downloading 60 secs in the LCD.

I have set the 0/1 option for the Cumulas/WD to 1 as I use WD

Do I need to change permisions or anything?

What is it I am missing?

A ever humble, Peter

Well I have tinkered around today. I didnt know I had to have jpgraphs and something else installed. Now I have added the fonts that was missing and we have had partial success.

if you look at

select INSIDE for both temp and humidity then do a page refresh, then select the outside, you get a reading. So its sort of working but thats all I can get to read. Barometer isnt working etc.

Anyone got any ideas?

Peter, I’ll have a look later today, I’m on a Android tablet at the mo so my ability to do any diagnostics is almost zero. :frowning:

Peter, a one main problem I think…

The LastRainTipISO entry in your ccr file is in the format: “5/12/2012:32”, which is obviously not a valid date/time.

The script is expecting WD to supply the date in dd/mm/yy format, so it looks like your string is missing both the space between the date and time and the hours. I think it should be “5/12/2012 ??:32”.

Thanks MArk.
Ok yes I see what you mean. I hadn’t connected the rain bucket yet so it hasnt or didnt have a figure. SO I just went and tricked it and it looks a bit better now.

Many thanks, Peter

All the data in your ccr seems to have additional units, for instance the temperature trend is “-1.2 �C/last hr” rather than just a number, and the rainfall is coming through as " 1 mm" which unfortunately the script isn’t coping with (it should!)

I believe there is a setting in WD to suppress the appending of units to the ccr file?

unset to include units under control panel, webfiles/web page setup, custom web page setup

Thanks guys. Done that. Now to work on what I thought I had done is fixed JPGraphs. Must have broken something… Mouse over guage reports cant find jp but I am sure I had it going yesterday. Must have tweeked the wrong thing in fixing this stuff. Logged in to home from work tinkering so hopefully nothing fails at work and I can play :smiley:

EDIT: When I hover over a guage it brings up the graph image (or what should be there) and reports it can’t find the JPGraph files with a directory. But the directory string is one subdirectory short. Where is this directory configured in? Is it a part of the steelguages config, the jp graph stuff or something else again? Its hard when the programming language I am trying to fault find isnt my native lang. I am a self taught (the worst kind) Delphi/Pascal person. However in saying that I work with PLC’s at work and discovered what the other guys call Structured Text in Allan Bradley stuff, I can read as its PAscal. And I am the only one that actaully likes it. All the others hate it…

Well I have something going again

but the guages are still reporting bad path for the images that show when you hover over the guages. Mind you I am learning lots like it DOES matter when you use Camitals etc in variables :roll:

Here is the test page for the guages

EDIT: I have exhausted my knowledge as to where its pulling the incorrect path from. Help is needed.