Some great new features available with the upgraded webcam component

there are some great new features though with the upgraded component…(i.e I am still to add the use (once we figure out the memory leak though with it)
ability to be able to set different colour/font etc for different areas of text re the overlay
and ability to set more than 1 overlay image
and also ability to handle a IP camera directly (i.e just via a URL) (e.g a axis camera)…anyone with a IP camera in use that currently you have wd downloading via the http download that i can test via this new component? (it does work with the demo ip address to a real camera the author has made available )
(means then you dont have to go through the 3rd party web cam setup etc to do the overlays etc)

Is this the type of IP camera setup you are look for (see below) to test the new video componet?
Capturing one frame per minute via HTTP Download.
If it is, I will give it a try.

yup, thats the one
PM me the URL and I will test/get it working and then you can use/test the webcam capture program
(but I am not home at the moment, will be later today (or if not I will do it tomorrow)

PM sent.

i cant get it to work, but you can try:

and set the source to IP camera and then go to the IP camera setup and set the info there and then click on start preview :slight_smile:

Just to let you know my netcam works just fine with that progam.

thats good news :slight_smile:
i will add this ability to the wdwebcamcapture program…will mean a couple of less hoops to go through!


From the backside of the router, and the demo program setup the same as the HTTP Download…
The IP camera can be selected as the video source. Pressing the start button, it can find the camera.


good news
i will work on adding this to the wdwebcamcapture program now :slight_smile:

Please post the version that has this feature in it as I would like to try it with my cam. I have no problems with my current setup but I think this would eliminate a ftp step or two for me…

ready to try:
(vers 6.3)

keep on eye on the memory use over time though (it intialy does use more memory with this new component (i.e because of the new featues available that I can add (like being able to set different font/size/colour for different text overlay areas)

(see the new IP camera settings, after right hand side tab)
(and then once thats started OK (you might have to change the time out and restart) then you can setup the file save settings

i have discovered , by accident, that this updated dll file reduces the start up at least memory use…unzip to where you have WD installed

It’s Great. Works fine for me…


Im using a 3rd part webcam program, that saves my .jpg webcam pics at my harddrive every 25 seconds. Can I use the new software?

I have tried to type (in the tap IP Camera setup) the location (C:\Programmer\Wdisplay\webcam\jpgwebcam.jpg) to my .jpg files but get some errors:

[ERROR] not recording, invoke StartRecording first.
[WARNING] failed to bind the frame grabber, frame capture, graphic and text overlays are disabled
[ERROR] failed to start preview

Best regards,


Just to let you know it is working fine here.

Working here.


Jwwd, you need to put in the IP address and filename to the camera
can the guys who have it working give an example of a valid one?
thanks :wink:

Replaced wdwebcamcapture 6.2 with 6.3
Moved Alt.DLL to wdisplay subdirectory from the Unicode subdirectory

Turned off HTTP download that accessed camera once a minute.

started wdwebcamcapture 6.3
Did IPcamera Setup page - URL, username, password
Did File save page and turned ON switch
Pressed save button

Redid Web Cam Setup pages (no longer using download subdirectory for rawcam.jpg/gif storage)

Shutdown WDisplay, rebooted computer - restarted WD, wdwebcamcapture started - video works

Been running for over 18 hours now - free memory is 201MB, which is about normal

What’s different…
wdwebcamcapture must remain running in tray or no video capture occurs
tensecondvideo files are being saved without captions (appear to be created from rawcam.jpg rather than webcam.jpg)

So far things are looking good. :smiley:

Thank you,

Gee - this is a great collaborative effort with software trials and engineering for the IP webcam setup and utility testing. Keep it up gents!! WTG!! :smiley: :hello1: :headbang:

Gus, you should be setting the filename in the wdwebcamcapture to the same filename that the 3rd partyweb cam output file was (i.e with the time stamp on it) and turn off the 3rd party web cam setup, yes?

next thing to add with the new component: ability to be able to have text overlay with different font/colour/size/shadow settings that other text on the overlay and a 2nd background image
also this new component has a new transparent image ability…which i am going to see if that will work with the clientviewer nexstorm srtikes map overlay and also it could be used for say with the custom screen putting a rainradar over a topo map or sat image, etc (imagesalsa has these ability)