Solved: wxnws-details.php not updating

I’ve been going through and updating all my webfiles. wxnws-details.php doesn’t seem to be updating and there are some broken links showing. A broken link shows up in the excessive heat watch warning on the home page as well.

Check Saratoga web site for updates all the maps have changed.

Looks like it’s all good now on your site.

As far as I know, I have updated all the files from Saratoga. Before I finished updating the files, the excessive heat watch showed that it was from 2016. There are currently no excessive heat watches for my location, only an air quality alert. The upcoming temperatures shown in the watch do not match the actual forecast.

I see the 2016 Watch data on your site.

“Excessive Heat Watch - Expires: Tuesday 6/21/2016 8:00 pm”

“Effective: Tue, 6/14 9:54am Updated: Tue, 2/14 6:22pm Urgency: Future
Expires: Tue, 6/21 8:00pm”

Your nws-alerts.php script shows

Looks like the DNS lookup returned an IPV6 address for the, and your webserver failed twice to retrieve the alerts – that’s why it’s not updating. Running shows everything is ‘Ok’ on your PHP 5.6.36

Running view-source: however, returns content of

? invalid zone ‘AZZ023’
so that is likely the real issue…

Looking at shows no entry for AZZ023 Zone … Based on your Forecast of,-112.074 , I’d suggest AZZ543 for your zone… then it should likely work for you.

They must have dropped AZZ023 in 2016 as that was what I used for my old web site prior to my move in 2015. I just carried it forward to the new site as I couldn’t find, at the time, a better zone to use. Looking at the list, I see that AZZ544 or AZZ545 sound to be closer to my location. Unfortunately the link to the map that would allow me to see the zones returns a 404 error.

Putting in a valid zone definitely fixed the problem, though. Thanks.