[SOLVED] Use solar calibration factor for WH3081 station

I tried to adjust the conversion factor from lux to W/m2 in the Solar setup. I calculated it to be 0.00625 instead of default 0.0079. When I enter my new value, nothing happens. The W/m2 reported by the WD still uses the default value. I did check the field in the WDISPLAY.INI which holds my new value.
Any suggestion what I’m doing wrong?

which version of WD?

It is 10.37 build 15.

when did you download it?
as it should use the value you have entered
try updating to the latest update

I just did the update and tried again. This is the debug info (raw data from the station):

Data update 08:47:03 29/07/16
Indoor hum =64
Indoor temp =24.3
Outdoor hum =64
Outdoor temp =24.5
Barometer =997.6
Wind speed = (km/h) 1.1 raw 3 7
Gust speed = (km/h) 2.5 raw 7 0
Wind direction = 0
Total rain =93.6
Offset = 10660   N = 41
solar=404.9 wm/2

If I calculate the ratio between the Lux and the solar: 404.9 / 51248.8 = 0.0079

Attached also the solar setup and the screenshot of the wdisplay.ini where the conversion factor is set.


I see what I had done wrong now in the code…probably was lacking coffee at the time
use another new .zip update, ready now

It works now :smiley:
Thanks Brian.