SOLVED: Metar text files being mis-assigned

(This has been solved. I’d delete it but don’t know how to.)

A weird issue I can’t seem to fix. I have WD picking up three area metars to place on my website. WD is set to create txt files. How things are set is indicated in the first pic.

But when the metars show up on the page, they show up in the wrong positions:

On the right is the page code. On the left is the result. I’ve tracked it down to the txt files being uploaded. Basically, WD seems to be mis-assigning the file names for the metars:

So, KPHL.txt has the metar info for KVAY, and KVAY.txt has the metar info for KPHL. KACY.txt is correct.

I guess I can just switch around the files so they show up properly, and I may do that in the interim. But I’d like to get it right rather than jerry-rig it.

Any Ideas?

TIA! …joe

So what was the problem?