[SOLVED] 2 webcams and CPU usage

Thanks fr all the info Graeme, and I will get around to implementing it soon. We had a lengthy power cut this morning and I couldn’t do anything!

I have started using Dorgem to capture the second webcam and it has certainly reduced the CPU demands of webcamcapture.exe. However, I have a question about Dorgem and hopefully someone can enlighten me.

Is it possible to put a time stamp on the image? I have looked through the few options in Dorgem but can’t see how to do it.

Any help will be appreciated.


WDwebcamcapture will import any image file and add a timestamp to it - oops, that’s for the primary webcam… I’ll have a look… it may not. There are other programs people have used, just do a search for overlay and program in this forum board. Photography.

I’ll have a look for ways to do it, Graeme, and thanks, as always.

I have stopped the upload of webcam images after sunset, so I shall have a go at putting a time stamp on the 2nd webcam image tomorrow. Dorgem seems to be working nicely and I tend to try and leave things alone when they are working properly… but there’s always an exception, isn’t there? :lol:


I’m pretty sure Dorgem can add timestamps to the pic. There is an ability to have it add text, and there are some tags you can put in there that will do date and time.


Just checked, you can add a bitmap or text to the image…

You can also use MCHALLIS’s php webcam script and have the webserver do the work :wink:

Thank you Steve, NCPilot and niko.

I am trying to add tags in Dorgem where it says ‘Text’. The truth of the matter is I haven’t got a clue about using tags, and would appreciate some guidance.

I want to add the two following tags:

229 Date on the PC
230 Time on the PC

Can someone please explain what I do, how to insert the tags?


Without being able to check it directly (I’m at work, not home), I suspect that you need to have a text file ready to go, i.e., Dorgem will not parse html style text and fill in the variable.

You’d have to somehow write those 2 items to a text file, then tell Dorgem to use that txt file… but since I haven’t tried it myself, that’s speculation…

I admit, I don’t own WD, but I like this forum… :smiley: so I can only tell you how I do it in WeatherLink. WeatherLink will process any .htx file you give it, and like the other wx programs, will fill in for the variables. So if you can create a template for WD to process that simply contains the two lines you have in your post, and tell it to create the output file as *.txt, you should be good to go…

I DL’d the program, try putting

%f %t

in that Text: box

all the Dorgem tags are under:

Help, Contents, Caption Events, Text Caption

See the Text paragraph, there’s a red link “these” to access the list.

Thanks, niko!

You’re a star!



Cool, good to see it working :thumbright:

the low CPU priority in wd’s webcamcapture is not set to be also used for the 2nd web cam
so I will add that…that might make a big difference
and also I can add ability to add in custom overlay to the 2nd web cam…seems there is a need?

Good points Windy, I would use some tags on the 2nd webcam, and the Low setting in the capture prog really works! :wink: Thanks.

Good catch, I was thinking more along the lines if someone wanted to add weather info, like temp, humidity, etc… then you’d have to create a text file to overlay on the image… (if in fact dorgem can really overlay a text file?)

Yes, it can grab the first line of text from a file and overlay that on the image, but John wanted time/date so I went with the tags provided by dorgem.

Hey JWWD - You can do a capture of a wireless web cam image. I am doing it now using the instructions in this post:




this update sets the 2nd web cam to low cpu priority (if that setting is set)

Thanks Brian, i will give it a try now :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian - time for another major update tonight then… :smiley:

What is the title of the 10second movie…? (=10 minutes of real time?) I believe it is being uploaded.



Brian, I do have 1 issue using the 2nd webcam, i forgot to mention it will not create
the file, if i turn on the file create for the second cam the preview turns itself off and
keeps saying [ERROR] Start preview first that just keeps flashing in the info area.

This was happening before you webcam update… using ver 7.4