SolarNoon not correct

I’ve been doing some checking and it seems the solar noon tag is wrong. For the past several months its always landed somewhere around 11:46 to 11:56 and some days it goes up, others it goes down. When I do a search for todays solar noon for my Lon/Lat it says it should be 12:22:55 for Jan 16th, my tag says 11:52am. Could you look at that tag sometime when you have time Brian? Thanks


Heres a pretty Cool calculator…

Simpler page (automatically handles local time).

Note that solar noon is also called Sun Transit and that is showing correctly in the moondetail2.gif graphic on your site. Where is the solar noon tag being used?

Main page under the solar readings


When you have time, can you look into the solar noon tag again, it pretty much always reads 11:5x something. Thanks!


You must be right above me. Mine reades the same. :slight_smile:


in the same time zone anyways!


Wondering if you can get looked at this when you get time Brian. Thanks.

Brians latest update (N build 26)seems to have fixed the solar noon tag for me. It was displaying 11:51 ± 5 mins every day and now it’s very close to the calculated solar noon I’ve found on the web. Should work well now.


OK…Cool…I’ll update

Sorry guys, I was wrong, after more testing, its not right. It’s changing throughout the day and it should be a fixed reading for each day. I let Brian know.


Is it a calculation or when WD “sees” solar noon.


Mine went from 12:54pm to 3:00pm after 1 update. And now at 7:15pm, it changed to 3:05pm.

It’s a calculation based on lat/long and time zone/dst.

Then some thing is wrong. Mine moves around also.


Should only change day to day. If you use this calculator site it’s the “sun transit” time.

Solar Noon: 11:30am


U.S. Naval Observatory
Astronomical Applications Department

Sun and Moon Data for One Day
The following information is provided for Stronghurst, Henderson County, Illinois (longitude W90.9, latitude N40.7):

    21 April 2009         Central Daylight Time          

    Begin civil twilight       5:47 a.m.                 
    Sunrise                    6:16 a.m.                 
    Sun transit                1:02 p.m.                 
    Sunset                     7:50 p.m.                 
    End civil twilight         8:19 p.m.                 

    Moonset                    3:18 p.m. on preceding day
    Moonrise                   4:14 a.m.                 
    Moon transit              10:13 a.m.                 
    Moonset                    4:22 p.m.                 
    Moonrise                   4:37 a.m. on following day

Phase of the Moon on 21 April: waning crescent with 14% of the Moon’s visible disk illuminated.

New Moon on 24 April 2009 at 10:23 p.m. Central Daylight Time.

Now shows

Solar Noon: 11:53am


Solar Noon: 12:17am Kind of odd

Brian changed the zip file again and it seems to be working now, Mine has stayed at the same time all day and it’s within a minute or two of the values on the lookup websites. Download the latest zip update and try it.