Solar setup ?

Hello !
I just bought a Temp/Solar kit from Hobby Boards with the “solar box” to it.

Any suggestions how to set up it outside ? Does it need to be weather protected, if so how ?
Does it need to be on the roof of the house or just so it have free space around it ?


what i would do is try extending the wires to the solar sensor…and weather proof that, .and so then you can keep the rest of it more water proof :wink:

For solar, try to locate the sensor where it will be able to “see” sunshine from as early as possible to as late in the day as possible. You will want to avoid shady areas for the sensor.

Same here but just the solar and I have the same questions.

Has anyone given thought to mounting a solar sensor sensor horizontally, orientated due south?
I have the Hobby Board sensor mounted in one of their boxes. They advise not to mount where it could get rained on even though the board has been sealed. I’d like to mount in inside my camera enclosure which I can position south. The sensor itself is mounted at the bottom of a drilled hole in the case. I estimate it to be about 1/16" below the surface of the enclosure.


I mounted mine with an opaque cover over it - you just need to adjust the max voltage output to equal 100% in the WD solar setup. I’ve never used any pcb coating, and never had any problems with water getting into it. I just silicon sealed around the edge of the base, and left ventilation underneath.

and the wife let you photograph that?

Thanks to Dave Up there :slight_smile: I also now have a solar sensor…

I am thinking of locating a small cup/bowl shaped object to with semi opaque material to mount over the entire sensor and silicon seal the container to the platform the sensor is mounted on.

Anyone have any thoughts on using other than white semi opaque like maybe light blue or yellow and how that may affect the readings?


and the wife let you photograph that?

Not only that - but she let me put it up on top of the garage :lol:

Anyone have any thoughts on using other than white semi opaque like maybe light blue or yellow and how that may affect the readings?

Anything that lets too much light at the sensor has, in the past, caused it to shut down due to an overload of some sort. I’m not sure if this is fixed in the latest HB sensors.

That cover on mine is actually a plastic wine glass (minus the stem). I have yellow and blue too

and the wifes not going to miss it?


Actually you helped by describing exactly what it was made from and now I can send the “Boss” shopping for just the right thing :slight_smile:


and the wifes not going to miss it?

I’ve checked that link 3 times now just to make sure I posted the right photo !

Ok I showed her the Picture, got a glass wine glass and showed it along side the picture and said “See this is what I need, plastic and semi opaque” You can find it right…

She says " Sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee piece of cake, in your dreams" oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy LOL


Well maybe don’t need to go shopping…

Found one of those air freshener things (laying around) the bottom is just about a perfect size and it is white opaque but light shines through it and I will give it a try when i get the solar sensor connected up…

About 2" (max) diameter and 2" tall rounded with nice straight opening that will make sealing it with silicon (if it works) to a board a piece of cake :slight_smile:


I would say that the white diffusing material would be better than clear or just colored.

Well this “thingy” I found would count as white diffusing material I think LOL


Hello again !
Yesterday I moved my solar sensor outside for the first time… never rained so much this autum…
When I got home from work and checked my weather station is shows 25m/s and standing still. :frowning:
Checked my solar sensor, totaly messed up. One of the capacitors and the regulator had nearly exploded.

In my work as an pcb designer in Ericsson Microwave(radar systems) I never seen anything like this before…
Next time Im not going to use Hobby Boards boxes outside without any shelter over the box.

But I saw for a few hours that it was working ok ! :smiley:


Bo, sorry about your sensor but thanks for the feedback. Now I know it needs some sort of protection for sure.


Bear in mind that if you’re using plastic as a cover, many plastics are UV sensitive and may change their properties quite dramatically after fairly short periods of exposure to sunlight. So you might find that the more sun you get the less it appears you’re getting!