Solar Sensor stopped working

I’ve just upgraded to version 10.26s and the solar sensor has stopped working. Every now and again I am getting some readings, but on the whole its not picking up the sensor… The solar setup reports that its not recieving any voltage. I have checked the sensor connection and they seem to be fine. Its only happened over night since I have done the upgrade.

there was a whole thread, involving jeep and 41 south and testing by myself
and I improved the 1 wire solar reading alot…i.e it was not working for jeep and myself very well, and now it is
and now you say its not now working as well as it was, for you???

Yes, I saw that thread for a bit… but I thought that may have been a different issue. I did notice some bizare things though… The graph appeared to be somewhat inverted. And when I did the update to 10.25t, just before I closed the application, the solar reading was 102.7% and outside it was dark and zero solar light.

Sorry to burst you bubble Brian. But for me its not behaving.

well you are the first person to report that the new routine is no good for you (all others I know of its Ok for)
strange that

Anything I can do to help you troubleshoot this? I find this somewhat bizare.

what is your email?
i will email you a test program, that this new code was based on…

nat -at- bakershome dot com

This is the data with everything plugged in.

This is with only the solar sensor plugged in.

Have you managed to get any usefull data out of these images that the program produced by any chance?

i was away from home when i got your email, still cathing up
i see the 2nd plot you do not have ticked, auto scale

in any case, those are low values you are getting, and strange you are getting -ve values
what does the i button viewer show at the same time?

I havn’t seen any negitive ve numbers but for a while it was telling me that there was 102.2% solar and then 0% and it would seem rather random.

Although I have noticed some suspicious things happening… Just from last night it started producing alot of solar values even whilst it was dark. It would show up on WD up the top showing positive solar but it wouldn’t show up on WDL as a percentage. Below is a graph where this has just started. Note it was whilst there was plenty of darkness. I havn’t seen anyone my roof with a mini sun so far.

Interesting to note as below:

what does the i button viewer report?
(compared to that test program,at the “same” time?

I havn't seen anyone my roof with a mini sun so far.

Possum with a torch getting his own back ? 8)

that plot looks good…
wd (that recent version) uses the same routine as that test program
i wonder is using a hub (which i dont recommend) has anything to do with it

I kinda can’t take the hub out of the equasion atm because the Annometer is the end of the line and the temp is inside a stevenson screen which I can no longer take apart and add another run to.

what i could do is add option to use the old solar routine, and see if that fixes it///

Go for it. Will try anything. lol (bisides pulling the house apart again)

This is starting to drive me crazy… For ages just today the humidity sensors have been reading rather high. as in a good 10-20% higher than what they should be reading. I have just taken the solar sesor totally out of the equasion and it seems to have settled down a tad. Below is a copy of the screen capture of WD. I don’t know if there is anthing you can suggest about all of this?

Just all day today its being giving some rather bizare readings from some of the extra sensors… it seems to be deteriating rapidly.

sounds like not enough voltage to drive the humidity and solar sensors correctly…
there is a way to add 5 volts to the whole network…someone here might know how to do that

note i have not had a chance yet to add option to use that older solar method (which at this stage you are the only one affected (although i know a guy in rotorua here is getting a reading at night too)