Solar sensor setup

I used to be getting sunshine hours before the switch and not the value is stuck at 0.0

Now I am using the vantage pro solar radiation sensor and I see that it looks like the setting is for a temperature . Is this option only for the use of a temperature sensor, rather than a specific solar sensor?

If so, no problem, I can get the data from weatherlink and I am not using that data right now .

However, if it can be, does any davis folks have the settings using the present version 9.78b?

i have fixed a few things with the solar setup…namely the icon/description from the solar reading not actualy being enabled until you went into the solar setup!
in verison 9,78d, uploading now

also, fixed a few other things, likle the raw reading from the VP…

so, for a VP, its not a temperature offset, but instead, set the lower threshold as say 10 and 1, and the upper threshold to the number that it reports as the max reading for the time of year for your lat/long at noon…
(e.g 1000).
i have added an option to set this max to this daily calculated value auto now too…