solar sensor setup


I know that our wish-list is very long, and now I hve a new item…

Under setup, solar sensor setup, it shows a value for “maximum radiation for lat/date”.

Is it possible to automatically get that value as “solar for 100%”?

THe way we have it now, I manually have to change that from day to day.


Ah, i see your point, cause the earth is tilted at 23.5 % the intensity of the sun changes summer to winter, good point

Also, if you look at


the yellow curve represents the SOLAR, the curve is for a 99% clear day.
As one can see the graph reaches SUNNY from about 10am to 2pm, then after 2pm or before 10am its PARTLY CLOUDY and early morning or late afternoon its CLOUDY, according to the %currentsolardescription% BUT it is clear skies

One to think about
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i have added this to a new 9.78a, ready now (see the option in the solar setup)

Just a :?: Do you have a solar sensor tied into your WMR968?

If so, how in the world do you set up comm with it?

i am using a dallas 1 wire sensor myself,…which measures the light intensity…

but you can use a extra temperature sensor with the wmr918 as a solar sensor: place it in a glass jar, and paint the bottom black, so it heats up in the sunlight …
then set the max temperature reading to say 18, and the low at 1 , the fine tune to 1 and 1…
then when the temp sensor in the jar is more than 18oc warmer than the station temperature, its 100 % sunshine…
and you fine tune it, and you also set the thresholds

Gret Brian, it works!!

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hello all,

I need some help from Vantage Pro Plus with Solar sensor users,
about 2 months ago my %Currentsolardescription% tag use to say ‘nighttime’ when it was night also 'dawn & ‘dusk’ at sunrise & sunset, but not anymore, i don’t know what i’ve done, so hopefully someone can help me, thanks :smiley:

Also could you please check out
I think the solar sensor setup has to calculate the rising and falling solar intensity for the morning and afternoon, otherwise on a clear day it would says:
Cloudy from midnight to 8am
Partly cloudy from 8am to 10am
Sunny ( hich is correct ) from 10am to 2pm
Partly cloudy from 2pm to 4pm
Cloudy from 4pm to midnight

Good Luck and thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


I will try and mimick the problems and fix…
but the wife has some women around today talking babies, and had to spend the morning cleaning up…our place is usualy a bomb site (you get that with young kids, LOL)


i think its time for me to send Davis an e-mail, so you can have your on Vantage Pro Plus.

Good Luck :smiley:

i have fixed some bugs, uploading vers 9.78d now, should be much better
set the upper threshold to the max solar reading reported for your lat/long t noon in the solar setup… and the lower threshold as say 10 and 1

the bug was that the cloudy threshold was not being set correctly at start up, and the option to update the icon from the solar reading was only being enabled after going to the solar setup for the first time

I just put together a 1-Wire solar sensor… but am not certain it is working… I am using the One Wire Viewer Application to view it… I see it… it has two ID’s…
5000000032839D26 DS2438
EE00000375E75D09 DS1982

When I view the DS2438 chip I get readings from the Temperature tab, and from the A to D tab… but I was expecting the A to D numbers to change based on the intensity of sunlight… they seem “Fixed” at 4.85 on channel 0 and .03 on channel 1… But perhaps all this is reading is the line voltage normal on the wire… dunno…

In 1-Wire Setup in WD I see the DS1982 but not the DS2438… It shows up in the Humidity ROM ID field… I checked the “Use this as my solar Sensor” checkbox… Should this be copied into a different field? I also have a 1-wire Humidity sensor from AAG… it is usually in the slot this new device is in…I guess what confuses me most is… where should the ID for the DS1982 be? Is there anything else I need to check, flip, dropdown or adjust… in this part of the setup?


you need to allocate the id found for a ADC in the general purpose ADC and tick use this as the solar sensor, as its the special Volt sens that is used for the reading

What range is a good starting point for the 1-wire solar sensor? Currently I see 0% for solar, and I’m reading 16,300 mv… does that sound possible?

is that on the real time graph?
what is the raw reading in the dallas 1 wire setup?
it sounds like a over read of a -ve reading (i need to clamp the -ve plotting on the extra real time graph actualy)
you most likely will have to adjust the resister (use a 1 k multiturn pot)