Solar Sensor setup "Averaging" with 15 minute setting gives incorrect percentage


Have everything with solar setup working. The icon changing, how cool is that! others that look at my sight are way impressed how conditions change live !

I felt that 10 minutes averaging might be to short because I did see large flucations in Icon changing, so I set to 15 minutes. I have verified that 10 minute averaging works perfectly, but 15 minutes yields faulty values in the “Current Average Value” in the “Averaging” box. I then switched back to 10 again and the values were correct. Switching back again to 15 produced consistent faulty values.

What do you think? Is it me again?

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Dual Core 2.1 ghz
Davis Vp pro2 full solar
Xp home
WD 10.37L b17

its not designed to go above 10 (I need to limit that selection)


As I mentioned I saw large fluctuations in Icon description, for example on a day with some clouds, if within 10 minutes another cloud does not block the sun, the icon will then of course change to “Sunny”. BUt there are still clouds. Now giving some additional time might even out the averaging a little more.

What do you think?


i think 10 minutes should be long enough, otherwise you are going to miss out on counting sunshine hours

Being a newbie perhaps you can shed some light on the sunshine hour counting. Is this based on averaging? I hope not because I was thinking averaging would be to merely set the conditions icon. Shouldnt sunshine hours be counted based on true sunshine ( very high percentage of the max. possible solar radiation for lat/long).

For example one could say , whenever max possible solar radiation is measured above 85? % ( this could be the instant the sun comes back out of a cloud) count and add into total of sunshine hours. This way it would no longer matter what you set the averaging to because that is just to set the proper icon. My proposal is that these can be two separate calculations.

Thanks for you ever quick responses!!