Solar Sensor as Percentage of Maximum for Latitude etc

This display reads 0% all day until I toggle the switch on the Solar Sensor setup panel ‘off’ and then back ‘on’. This can be seen in the solar sensor/ET bar graphs (yellow/white) in the top left-center of these images:

This screen-shot was taken before I toggled the switch off, then back on.

This screen-shot was taken after I toggled the switch and waited for a refresh.

My settings are exactly as KTrue specified in his post yesterday regarding the solar sensor setup: Ajax-Dashboard Icons (source?)

I’m running a Vantage Pro2 Plus with FARS the data from which is forked via Virtual Vantage Pro to VWS, WD, VPLive, and WL. All versions are current except WL. My WD version is 10.37N, build 15.

I have my answer.

The setup screen for solar sensor has reversed longitude settings, + for W of GMT and - for E of GMT 8O

No doubt a ‘feature’ and not a bug.


This is one of those things you can discuss ad infinitum ad nauseam, it just depends which way you look at it.


It depends on which Society you are a member of: Astronomical Society from whence the calculation module comes from or the Meterological or Aeronautical Society… :slight_smile: