Solar readings

That now correlates to the station AND appears to have sorted out the 100% issue.

Many thanks,

Hi Brian,
After getting data back, the solar has gone a bit strange again.
Station reads 595.00W/m and WD shows 4.7W/m2.

UV index is correct a 5.

how do you mean by after getting data back exactly?

Getting the station to talk to WD again, after the router reset.

Ok, the W/m2 from the weather station reads 248.33 W/m2, and in the WD debug info, it’s 252.33 W/m2 (allowing a little fluctuation when switching screens).
The W/m2 on the main screen shows 1.9W/m2

I went back up this thread and reinstalled the test programme that you posted earlier, and now the readings are the same.

that is odd
the value in WD should be what shows in the debug window

Hi Brian,
The solar readings have changed again.
In the attached document, you can see its dropped back to the lesser reading e.g. 5.5 instead of 550
Nothing has changed mid month with the programme, it hasnt been updated since you sent me the zip file.

At the moment the station is showing 470 w/m3 and WD is 3.7W/m3

Hi Mitch

There isn’t an attached document.


scan.pdf (59.4 KB)

Updated to latest version.

Still not correct

Brilliant sunshine 4.4 w/m3 on WD, 561 w/m3 on station :frowning:

what I will need is the raw data from the debug window and what the actual reading should be at the same time
(and what then shows in WD)

Station = 174.4
WD =41.61

Station = 176.1
WD = 175.3

Station = 174.7
WD = 176.2

The main screen shows 1.4

Station 183
WD 184
Screen 1.5

Version 10.37S113

station 165.8 w/m3
WD 158.22 w/m3
Main page 1.3 w/m3

station 255.9 w/m3
WD 285.851 w/m3

Main page 2.4 w/m3

Station 270 w/m3
WD 355 w/m3

Main page 2.9 w/m3

Station 249 w/m3
WD 340 w/m3

Main page 2.6 w/m3

Station 66

WD 66.5

Main page 0.5

Getting tiresome now !!!

when you say main page
how do you mean exactly?
(and how is that different to when you list WD)

The page with all the graphs and dials (like the one on the weather display home page)

The WD debug data give one number, but the front page shows something totally different (see attachment)

In the screenshot, the debug line 21 value is 55.61 w.m2 and the front page is 0.5 w/m2

So currently:
Station 40.8 w/m2
WD (debug) 36.86 w/m2
Main page 0.3 w/m2

screenshot.docx (284 KB)