Solar reading spikes

Jim Jennings prepared a solar sensor for me. It works well except I get spikes in the graph. I have followed the suggestions in the forum, resetting the extra sensors with — and taking all sensors in that graph out.

my weather site is

Thanks in advance. I continue to like and appreciate the continous upgrading of the program and look forward to additions to the sensors in the future.

Jack Sheehan


first, though:
any cloud moving over the sun gives a big drop in readings…

too much brightness might be resulting in overreading
i had the same problem
and i had to put in a multi turn 1k trim pot
until i got the over reading to come back into line (the overreading i have clamped as zero), as otherwise its a negative number

so either add more resistance , or replace the resister with a multiturn trim pot or similar
this should be in the original design me thinks

ah, checking your graph on your web page, i see you get spikes from otherwise low readings
i do not know why
(i have seen this too)
but i will put a limit into the graphing