Solar percentage

I have my shadow offset set between 8 - 9am and solar increase set at 50%, my current raw reading is 25 and the solar reading is 7%, the offset seems to have no effect, it is sunny at the moment.

done some testing

works as expected

do you have the enabled ticked?

Yes enabled is ticked, I have increased to 100% and check to see if that makes a difference.

Brian no change in solar % and it is set at 100%

what shows for the solar % above the windspeed/wind direction on the main screen
that is the important one you should be monitoring, and is the one used
its that one that changes appropriatly in testing I did

Yes that one above the windspeed is double % of the current % but still gives an overcast morning when it’s sunny.

need more information
i.e what % does that get to
and does it get to the threshold you have set for sunny


Just a thought but; do you have anything set in the 1-Wire/Labjack settings page?
Make sure you’re not using the manual input max solar on that page. :wink:

No Martin nothing set on that page, it’s blank…thanks

i have done some testing

and the solar icon works too

note that it can take a little while for the average solar, which the icon is based on, to increase, after the offset starts
(look at the solar average % value in the solar icon setup (you can reduce the average time interval from the default of 10 minutes)

it is set to 6 minutes

did you then wait and watch the solar % average in the solar setup, set icon from solar, to see that increase?
works here OK in testing

I will check again in the morning…thanks

it’s sunny again this morning, I have the solar % tweaked up at 100%, current reading is 11%, the display above wind speed shows 22% and my sun threshold is 80%, WD reports as overcast, is it possible to increase % to 200% and also have half hour time settings?

What are the Wm2 readings on your VP2 compared to the expected max when the Sun is out?
Could it be dirt on the sensor, rather than a WD issue?

so it is working
you will not get to sunny icon until you get the solar % up to that threshold
i think you understand that now

yes I could allow higher than 100 % increase

yes that would be great.

Extra Solar % increase works great…thanks

Found a problem I think, my solar offset is set between 8 and 9 but at 9.40 the offset had not come off, I had to untick Disable.

yes, thats a bug
it would stop at 10 instead of 9
(because I was using a <= instead of < )
the next update will fix that