Solar Extra Sensor Graph 9.92e not working

I upgraded from an earlier version. The solar readings are continuing to work but do not show up on the extra sensor graph. The history still shows. The reading is continuing to work on the front page of wdisplay.

Any ideas on what is happening.

try clicking on setup, then tick to show each reading, and then see if it shows up
otherwise its something I have broken
(its easy to do when there are so many combinations of things to graph there)

Still working fine for me .
Version 9.92e solar reading extra sensor graph No8

does it re-appear if you go back to the old version

Brian is used to my strange setup not working LOL but if it’s any help…

Mine doesn’t plot, and shows 6454% as the value at any cursor position, and the ET always shows 555.4

Strangely, the web image shows the correct value on the right, but still no plot :frowning:

ricky, i need to hook in the labjack to plot there…