Solar expected max values too high?

This is build 149

This is build 145

This one I consider correct

I have a feeling it was too high in the first part of the year now it’s too low

I just checked my solar values today as WD showed 10+ hours of sunshine and CumulusMX showed 0 :astonished: and found that at peak time today WD had a maxsolarfortime value over 200w/m² lower than it should be which explains why the sunshine hours are so ridiculous. CumulusMX is actually correct as we had quite thick haze / cloud pretty much all day, we might have had a couple of minutes of sunshine . Bear in mind that both WD and CumulusMX get their actual solar w/m² values from the same sensor.

I really do not understand why Brian is not fixing this as the values are so completely wrong and vary widely across the year, sometimes too high and then too low.


So what I’m learning is build 146 is probably the best option or switch to Cumulus

How do I run WD and Cumulus together with a Vantage Pro 2 USB data logger? They can’t share the same COM Port.

I use VSPE (Virtual Serial Port Emulation) to run WD and Weatherlink on the same computer by splitting the com port. Only issue is, WD missed data extraction needs to be done before I run Weatherlink. I am not familiar with Cumulus so give it a try and see if it will work for you.

I’ve gone from 149, to146, and now 145. 145 seems to be working better but will continue to test.

Spoke too soon. Showing cloudy when it’s clear bright blue skies. :confounded:

Are you still using these settings?

Sorry, I don’t understand why this topic has been tagged Solved

Yes mate. It is a bit more stable using 145 but still get cloudy readings when it’s bright sunshine.

No idea how I did that.

I’ve unsolved it. I don’t know who tagged it as solved though.

I don’t think you could have done. There’s a limited number of people who can mark solutions and in this case you wouldn’t have been one of them.

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I have reread this post.
My max solar expected is too low.
My weatherflow sky reads much higher values and thus creating % way over 100 and thus registering more sun hours.
I am running latest version of WD of November 13th.
Cronweatherflow 9.0
I am not at my controlpanel right now.
If it’s too low, you set + minutes?, not sure if you can go negative also?
I recently checked my weatherflow solar radiation at work (horticulture where solar reading is important for the crops (watering))
They compare so it is not my weatherflow Sky solar sensor.

Where is a good site where I can check my expected solar readings for the time and place.

If you go to it displays the values for the location entered, it is using the code I supplied to Brian and until about v145 the WD code compared well to this. This site still compares well with CumulusMX values it creates.


I will check it out tomorrow.

If you want to gather data for your expected max solar values you can create a custom log file in WD using the tags which then allows you to have a complete record for each days values.


My 145 build is dated 18/12/2022 and works ok
My test unit has 149 on
As Stuart said in a post in May this started with 146 when Brian used a new compiler
Reply to my first email said he had change nothing and I know Stuart has emailed him as well
May I suggest all those that have not already emailed Brian do so about this subject if he gets a load of emails about the same problem he may do something about it

145 is having issues for me. It seems to get “stuck” on overcast until I open Control Panel>Solar Settings. I don’t change anything, ok to all of them and then a minute or 2 it goes to the correct reading.

I might try build 150. See if that’s any better.