Solar expected max values too high?

If you go to it displays the values for the location entered, it is using the code I supplied to Brian and until about v145 the WD code compared well to this. This site still compares well with CumulusMX values it creates.


I will check it out tomorrow.

If you want to gather data for your expected max solar values you can create a custom log file in WD using the tags which then allows you to have a complete record for each days values.


My 145 build is dated 18/12/2022 and works ok
My test unit has 149 on
As Stuart said in a post in May this started with 146 when Brian used a new compiler
Reply to my first email said he had change nothing and I know Stuart has emailed him as well
May I suggest all those that have not already emailed Brian do so about this subject if he gets a load of emails about the same problem he may do something about it

145 is having issues for me. It seems to get “stuck” on overcast until I open Control Panel>Solar Settings. I don’t change anything, ok to all of them and then a minute or 2 it goes to the correct reading.

I might try build 150. See if that’s any better.

Nope. Displaying cloudy when it’s a bright sunny day. :neutral_face:

I am changing from solar in jar to Weatherflow Tempest. (WD B150)

Can’t get the Solar % to show and update sunshine hours even though raw data is received.


Has anyone got B145 I could try please?


See URL - Willowsford Farm, Northern Virginia Weather & Forecasts

Thanks :slight_smile:
Will give that a try…


I simply fail to see why Brian is ignoring this. I’ve been using WD since 2005 and was always quite happy with it until this started to happen and nothing is done to fix it. I am seriously looking to move away now to different software.


Hi Stuart,

I feel the same.

The solar situation has been an issue for a while now. At least solar in a jar shows solar % and counts sun hours, although something changed a while back and the values aren’t correct anymore.

I’ve been using WD for over 13 years so now my way around it quite well and this is very frustrating!

When I try with the Tempest set up, whatever I do it won’t show Solar %!

I will email Brian too…


Hi Andy,

Can’t help with the frustration on the overall solar situation, but I do have Tempest reporting the Solar data using it as a secondary device.

My main device is a Davis Vantage Pro, but I use Tempest for Solar and lightning.

To do this go to:

  • Setup
  • Advanced / Misc Settings
  • Tab "WMR968 Modified Sensors (Rain duration /UV)/Weatherflow/Ecowitt

And then put your details in the section “Weatherflow With Other Station Type (not normally used)”

Here’s my set up:

Hope this helps



Hi Neil,


I have tried that although it doesn’t seem to work for me :pleading_face:

My set up is WS2310 for a base unit (Baro only).

The main outdoor sensors are all one wire.

I’m just looking to use Solar, lightning and Wind from the Tempest.

It’s encouraging that it works for you - I will keep trying!

The cronweatherflow collects all the solar & UV data however WD just won’t show % sun hours


Hi Andy,

Maybe the only thing to confirm that you don’t have Tempest also enabled on the main set up?

I have the Davis Vantage Pro with data logger selected

and then nothing in the WeatherFlow / Tempest



My WD+VP2+Tempest combo works fine for sun hours. Maybe check your settings in WD that detail when WD will count sunshine hours.


Thanks for your advice.

I had to use:

Didn’t think that was relevant :slight_smile:

It’s pretty good in the New Year.
I am not using the latest 150 version, I think there were at least 4 updates since.
Values are mostly the same, give or take 1 or 2.(WD and Broadstairs website)
How is that with you guys?
Still a major difference?

To be honest I’ve not really looked at this again. My issue was that some of the time it was right and probably most of the time wrong. Now I have moved to CumulusMX running my live website I’m not really interested in trying to get anywhere with this. I’m still running WD so I might take a look to see how it is. I did look at the change log and did not see anything which might give me hope it’s fixed. Still running 148.


Hi Broadstairs.
I dont think its fixed as it running 150 and still errors , cumulus is calling I think