Solar eclipse

Here’s my solar and temp graph of the eclipse.



Cloudy here when it started :frowning: but it cleared up towards max occultation, here’s my solar system output:


good stuff
its like 10 years until we get one here (but we did get one here like 15 years ago or so…and in WD I was able to record a temperature drop :slight_smile: )
I see Ken True used a collander to create shadows that are packman shadows :slight_smile:

We did get some of those shadows here too, but forgot to take pictures of them. #-o

I was looking forward to the shadows but due to the overcast I didn’t get any :frowning:

Some early morning clouds, but clear at eclipse time. Big dip in solar (we’re at 74% occlusion) and little temperature change.

Unless you get above 95% it is not really exciting, I remember being a bit disappointed in 1999 when we had about 97%.

The problem is that below 75% the change is hardly noticeable and even at 90-95%, it is probably ligther than before a storm.

It is only at 99-100% when you actually see the corona effect and it gets really dark. And given how short lasting it is the temperature drop is not likely to be significant, especially if you are not in the path of totality.

It is still interesting though, but one probably feels more excited about what is really going on than what they see (when it is not total).