Solar calculations and daylight amount calculations question

I have a problem with my site inaccurately calculating the amount of sunlight hours for a given day and don’t know exactly where to start in troubleshooting :slight_smile: First off I DO NOT have solar sensors this parameter is based on whatever WD uses to arrive at a figure. I am fairly sure coordinates are a factor but as far as I can tell they are correct and have bee the same all along.

Is there another place I need to look for incorrect data entry in this matter? also I have a program to sync my pc clock with NIST frequently throughout the day so the pc clock issue should be OK.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Where exactly in WD are you seeing the incorrect number of sunlight hours? What is the number, and where are you located?

Thanks for the reply… First off I am in Virginia and I am seeing this error ( or at least it seems to be ) on my Ajax Dashboard under “Sun”
It is currently showing a change of :58 which seems a bit extreme for this time of year… Maybe I just do not fully understand it’s functions as I should.

Web Site is here
The index page will show the sun data on the dash board.

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OK, so you mean the change in length of day. This issue was reported before but I don’t find a resolution :frowning:

That is correct… Probably didn’t explain it very well :slight_smile: Since there are no resolutions to the problem I feel a little better… at least it’s just not me this time :oops:

Thanks for the heads up and I will have a look at the topic link and see what I can learn!


Interestingly it was also someone in your part of the world and this time of year too, maybe there’s a clue there for Brian?

Yes that does make one wonder :slight_smile: I went back and checked my coordinates and they are correct as far as I know. The - before the longitude is not needed in my part of the world as far as I can gather so maybe Brian can shed a little light ( no pun intended) on the subject.

I just started making use of this feature less than a month ago so there’s no telling how long this problem has been around on my setup.

Thanks Again!


so its just a problem around the longest day?

fixed in a new .zip update, ready now

I am attempting to update the latest version to correct my solar issues and I am getting some strange responses… Some files report they can’t be installed or accessed due to error code 5 ( whatever that is ) WD was shut down clean and the new files were installed in the same directory as originally. I did notice lame was the first file to do that and there were several others including WD.exe… I’m not sure this happened but it may play into the story… either realtime ftp or general ftp was still showing in the task bar IIRC when this happened. Honestly at that point I didn’t play as close attention as maybe I should have to that…I was more concerned in making sure the changes were rolled back ( and they were) to keep me from being shut down completely. I have noticed in the past when I have a XP update and have to reboot sometimes the FTP programs will hang and have to be manually killed in order to restart so that is prompted me to thinking along those lines… But I am open to any suggestions on this. If I have to do a complete clean install are there some files I can save to keep all my settings? Hopefully it will not come to that but just planning ahead in case :slight_smile:


Wayne Thomas

make sure to close all WD related running programs (this works better with a more recent version ( you have been using a very old version))

I will make sure this happens.I just glanced at the task bar and thought I saw one of the ftp programs still up.I know this has happened on reboots so It’s very possible that this is the culprit. I am thankful for the roll back feature for botched installs ! It would have been a total failure had that not have happened LOL!

EDIT: I watched the shut down process through and sure enough there was both ftp engines hanging… real time then the normal ftp came up after shut down.
A clean reboot cleared all the un needed processes and the install went flawlessly! It may just be me and a new toy but my updates to the web server seem much more quicker than previously!

Thanks for a great program and great support!


yes, the new versions are faster than that old version you were using :wink: