Solar 24 hours and 7 day graphs flatlining

My solar last hour graph is showing data but my last 24 hours and last 7 days graphs are both flatlined on zero. I don’t know if this is new or if it’s always done it.

I don’t have solar so I can’t check, but is the data present in clientraw*.txt?

You’ve clearly been awake longer than me and possibly have the advantage of one or more coffees inside you! The data isn’t there…looks like it’s not added by consolewd. I’ll move this thread elsewhere.

This data doesn’t appear in the clientraw files created by Pi consolewd. Not sure if this is deliberate or a bug. Brian - if it’s not a bug, is it something that could be brought across from big WD?

do you mean like the solar data in clientrawhour.txt :
Clientrawhour.txt: (updted at 59 minutes every hour)

last 60 minutes windspeed (kts), 1 minute resolution (i.e 60 numbers)
last 60 minutes gustspeed (kts)
last 60 minutes direction
last 60 minutes temperature (oC)
last 60 minutes humidity
last 60 minutes barometer (hpa)
last 60 minutes daily rain total (mm)
last 60 minutes of solar data (wm/2)
last 24 hours of solar data (wm/2), every 15 minutes (95 data points) ←
last 24 hours of UV data , every 15 minutes (95 data points) ←

that should be being updated OK by consolewd
maybe have a look at your actual clientrawhour.txt using the online parser?

for the last 7 days data…what is the weather station type that you have set in consolewd?

The clientrawhourly values all look to be OK, but the graphs use the solar data at 491-510 (+extension) in clientrawextra and 373-400 in clientrawdaily and those are all zeros. The UV values (clientrawextra 511-530+extension and clientrawdaily 401-428) are also all zeros and now that I’ve looked the 24 hour and 7 day UV graphs in FreshWDL are also flatlined on zero.

Station Type is Davis WLL (36).