Soil Temp

Hi Brian

The Soil Temp is not correct on the Weather Page !
Min. Soil Temp. 100


under view, averages/extreme, untick i have a soil sensor…(is it ticked?)

i see you have a wmr968 station

and i see the extra sensor graph has some wild temp plots…

i think it is maybe plotting a reading that is less than -20oC…
i.e from a sensor that you dont have, and hence the solid yellow…
(i.e it is going off the scale at the top instead)

the labels for sensors you dont have you should be seeing…i will try and fix that (i meant to do that ages ago, but forgot)

but some how WD thinks you have one of you extra temp/hum sensors set as a soil sensor

email me your wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt

hi again

ok, i have improved it for a wmr968 now, uploading a new version now

now, to set the names of the extra sensors, go to view, wmr918 extra sensors, and set the names there…(but this was not working for a wmr968, only for a wmr918 on the extra sensor graph, and i did not have the humidity sensor named either)…

also, under view, wmr918 extra sensor, if one of your extra sensors is a soil sensor, then you need to set the sensor number (1, 2 or 3) to use.
zero turns this off…

Hi Brian

The Soil Sensor ander averages/extreme is ticked !

The yellow line is a Solar Sensor the Senor Number is 1#
The red line is a Soil Sensor and the Senor Nummber is 2#

Sensor’s are two THGR 228, the Solar Sensor is under building at “Werner Krenn”


P.S. the WD ini file send you at email

i have your ini file now

in wd, under view, wmr918/68, set the names for each sensor
and , set the sensor # to use as the soil sensor

also, a new 9.37a is ready to use now…which should help a bit with that graph…

the red line on the graph should be the solar % reading…

bed time here in this part of the world now

ok, now, the yellow blocked in line is the solar reading (actual temperature )

the red line is the extra temperature reading

the new vers, ready now, will stop the yellow blocked in line from going full screen at night time
becuase the solar sensor is a black body, it gets very cold at night, and was therefore going colder than -20oC
so i have out a lower limit on the extra sensor now to not go below -20oC

(but that might not be a good idea,someone might need it that low)…
i need to add ability to set the lower threshold of the extra sensor graph lower than -20, that will help ! ( you can do this to the real time grpah, but not the extra sensor real time graph)
I will add that first thing tomorrow…

Thanks Brian

good night