Soil Sensor temperatures not showing on july2003.htm

As from previous postings (see under Solar Sensor Set-up) I have ticked the box to show that I have a soil sensor under view/averages extremes and the left hand box now shows that I have the soil sensor. I have also named it as suggested. This is now working fine.

Now, as each daily update occurs at the end of day rollover, surely this should now also be shown on the july2003.htm file since I have now installed it … but it’s not. Anymore ideas to try.

Just to let you know that it has now sorted itself out, after doing a convert 72003.inf to 72003lg.txt. Not sure if this is the reason or coincidental.

Just another “funny” to report! When you go to the view/all time records, the low soil temperature readings seem to disappear after you have rebooted WD, and this also applies on the “view web page”. Althougth the reading is “saved”, it is not displayed. I have tried action/update extreme averages, and “update web files” without success.

I am worried what to press without losing the present recordings now. What can do now?