Software search

I have 8 IP cameras , two for weather ( I know it is paranoid over kill) and I am looking for software with PTZ options that I can use with it.

I am using Blue Iris, but it seems it is a memory hog, I have 8 Gig ram but still I have other things running and with it, it seems to slow my system down until I shut it down.

I am assuming that there are a lot of these programs out there, but what is best that I can leave up and running, and occasionally give it a peek to see what is going on, remotely adjust the camera and so on. I have 2 Foscams FI8910W(they have ptz) and from them I pull off using the WDisplay capture for my site. I also have 3 of their 8909 which are the “baby cams” and 2 dlink
I have the 8909 watching the furnance room and water heater. one on the front of the house to see what the dogs are going nuts over and then the basement.

Big Bother is watching… definitely

The built-in firmware on my Agasio will show up to 9 IP cams via MSIE. Since I only have one cam I am using Vitamin D Video (Mac) as I like how it “boxes” whatever trips the alarm, but it does not allow me to pan/tilt the cam. If I need to make changes I login to the cam. MSIE is the only browser that allows all functions/cams via the built-in webserver, including the multicam display.

have you tried webcam XP5 ?