Snow melt instead of snow

I don’t like to ask, but since the forum is here…

There is a set up for current conditions that will say snow instead of rain below a certain temp. How about “snow melt” option instead of “rain”.

Some of us live in clim’s that won’t see rain again until next May and if the rain bucket ticks off, it’s snow melt on a sunny day. It would save me the grief of everyone complaining, “your page says its raining and your cam says its sunshining, fix it”. They don’t read the disclaimer I put in at the bottom.


Boy, I’ll vote for that!! We have had a fluke of warm weather the last few days with temps of 40+ and lots of snow melt, but here too no rain until April at least!

i will see what i can do
is this to appear in as the current conditions description ?

Yes, I guess. At the top of the web table, instead of rain, option to say “snowmelt”. No biggy or rush or anything, just popped into my head. Winter will be around for awhile.

Seems Fred who’s in a similar clim has the same problem! It will NOT rain here until next May, but the rain gauge will tick off in the sunshine. Wish I were wrong.

added this now to the summary image/icon setup, vers 9.36

Thanks Brian.
I lowered the snowmelt temp to one degree above the snow/rain temp transition. That should work, then come summer, I put snow melt as high as it will go. Now, need some snow to try it out. This time of year there will be no rain, only snow, which melts after it falls.

Just noticed the titles on the altimerecords gif’s. Nice addition.