Snow inputs

I wonder if you could help us metric system and math deficient users. All of my snow gauges here are calibrated in inches, But WD’s snow input is in cm. I know the ratio (2.54 to 1), but find it hard to convert 3.5 inches to cm in my head :slight_smile: Could you modify WD to accept inches, if inches are the selected display units?

Would also be nice if, when you zero out daily snow, you added it to the month and year fields.

None of this is pressing, just a thought as I was reminded of it since we had a bit of snow yesterday and again today.


HI Brian

Yes, Fred suggestions are GREAT. I was thinking of them, but I know you are so busy. Sure would be nice to just input the snow amount and have it added to the monthly and yearly (season ) amounts.




check out vers 9.33

How is this supposed to work. I know the conversion from cm to inches as it is 2.54 cm to an inch. The first column is what? The second column appears to be the only field we can key in data, cm or inches? Do you convert inches then to cm? Need a little help here understanding what you want us to key in, as I do see the (cm) off to the right as I’m guessing we key in cm, then if that is so what is the first column used for?
I just keyed in 2.43 in the second column and the first column stayed at 0.

the left hand side just shows the inches equivalent (i,e the cm /2.54)
and now when you increase the cm, the month and year increase
(and you can go -ve)

Thanks for the info. Makes sense now.

Works just GREAT, Brian.


:smiley: 8) :smiley:



keep it simple stupid

this way you just increase the cm until the inches you wanted is shown

you can still set the month and year as needed

it doesnt use the values until you click on OK

Looks good to me Brian, Thanks for the effort. I do appreciate it.