Snow - Daily/Month/Season cm Adjust Problem

The two links below show my original (wdsnow1.jpg) and what happens after I add just 1cm (wdsnow2.jpg). Note the increase that happened to Month/Season. It appears it isn’t adding just the 1cm properly:


What appears to be happening is it is taking the current day amount and adding what I increment it by to the month/seasonal.

Well some day it might snow in Iowa … or not.

the conversion is approximately correct, but I do see what you are seeing. the amounts don’t seem to add up.

I did a test with 3 cm ( 1.81 inches) and a month total of zero. It jumped up to 4 cm for the month and 20 cm for the year. I would guess that something is wrong in the calculation.

I really think Brian needs to come to the midwest in the dead of winter to see what snow is like down on the ground rather than in the mountains where there are hobbits and US film crews…

I’m having the same problem here, only I don’t know when it started. It seemed to be fine when Brian first put it in the program :?



When he returns, hopefully he will be rested and refreshed and tackle this one too. :lol:

i now have a button where once you have selected the daiily snow amount, click the button to increase the month and year total by that amount

a good break from WD, batteries now recharged,and a pre xmas rush of sales sure helps!

Good news, works great now… Tks Welcome back as you needed some time away from your ‘hobby’. Good to hear that sales are up.