Snazzy effect - can the wind dial do movements SMOOTHLY?

Ok, I know this might be a trick, but could there be an option (check box) to have the wind dial pointer do a “smooth” transition, so it doesn’t “jump” from say, 6 to 11 units instantly, but rather with a sweep (many-framed transition with intervening values) from one value to another, thus mimicing a REAL wind dial? (True wind has to go through intervening values as well - thus you in a sense add some resolution)
Perhaps possible at least on the (big) dials display (page)? Or wind dials only page?

Ooops, my 9.71e won’t display wind dials only, it brings up all of them. A new but minor bug. Will check out latest download.

good idea
and i know a way

Cool :smiley:

vers 9.73a

and the stronger thw wind, the faster the needles moves

Each time I start WD the first initialization of the wind graph starts at 25 MPH and then it slides to the correct speed. This sometimes forces the graph to reset to the 50 mph graph even though the wind is only blowing around 6 - 10 mph.

it does that to set the days maximum speed marker
it should not affect the graph


Is there a setting to make it ‘smooth’ ?

it should just work/…
what weather station type again?
ps, i have added the gust/average/low for the graph to the language.ini file…

what other web images to translat with this file?
sunmoon ?

Great job Brian! Dials look excellent :slight_smile:

The smooth dials look, and work, great !

Thanks Brian, you are indeed a Gentleman and Scholar !


Smooth dials don’t work for me!! Damn LaCrosse…

I don’t know if it’s coincidental, but I have my graph setting set to show Gust, Average and Low but only two lines are plotted.


it wont work with the ws2010 data logger (the beast), as all the data arrives at once
low plot:i need to add that for the beast

Brian, The WS2300 is the one i’m using…

See the dials on my website… using 9.73a

cheers, Aad

the effect is in the program dials, not on the web site…

Oh… ok… too bad…

It would be nice if the individual dials would do the same…any option for the future ???

thanks, Aad

how do you mean?
the animated individual dials?

Yes, I add “terrific” to the implementation of the smooth wind dial. Thanks!!

BTW, what is the resolution of the dial? One dial hand position per one mph or two kph? Whatever it is, could it be doubled? That would yield more “dial movement” in that the wind often varies like 6.1, 6.7, 7.1, 6.2, 6.9. - That would move the hand much more?
With the smooth action it would add to the dial realism.

In any case, thanks again.

Yes, like the averagedial.gif

It would be nice if those dials also move smoothly…

cheers, Aad

ok, i thought that is what you meant…
the data is the last 7 minutes,and that speed at each minute…so that is why it varies/jumps alot…

to add in more in between readings, that means lots more frames in the animated gif, which increase the size of the gif…
but these gifs are quite small, so i will try adding in 1 in between data point

super !!! thanks.

cheers, Aad