Smoothed wind direction plot

I can’t see an option for this anywhere, but someone will probably point me at it once I make the suggestion :wink:

My wind direction usually shows a reasonable trend but contains lots of small spikes either side of the ‘average’ direction. Would it be possible to have a smoothed direction plot, showing the average the direction over a period (perhaps a few minutes?). This would then hopefully remove the small spikes and show the underlying trend far better. You could then choose to display the raw or smoothed plots or both (like the wind speed gust/avg/low).

Oh no…not more options!

I was thinking the same thing a while ago for the temperature plot… sort of a running average, as the spikes seem to throw off the actual high temps for the day.


The one wire weather station is the worst at spiking.

I’ve no reason to suspect my wind direction spikes aren’t real. I think it’s just turbulence moving the vane slightly either side of the main wind direction.

Rupp, you think the 1-wire is bad, the LaCrosse system suck big time. Brian has more trouble with these than any other station, I should know, i have got one and beleive me, Brian knows about it :oops: :oops:


I second that Bob… the 2010 wind direction spikes look like a weird disease on a cardiac monitor… and the temperature spikes look like the Grand Tetons. :roll:


the biggest problem with the ws2010 data logger is that its only 5 samples of data every 5 minutes…i,.e what the temperature or wind direction , etc, was like at the sample time (i.e every minute)

but otherwise, for other stations, the default wd graph plots the average wind direction

but, for the real time graph (now that its more easier to display or not to display the wind direction), i will plot the average over the last minute

Thanks for the explanation Brian


I’m guessing the same is true for temperature plotting with the 2010.

Bob, we should have consulted with Brian before deciding on a weather station! :frowning:


well, it has a nice console, yes?
I have a WS2500PC here now.
Its teh same measuring instruments, and the data logger looks the same (but the data protocol is a bit different, and I have it working now), but no console!
(but the WS2500 does have a console)