Significant weather conditions - ideas please

Hi all
currently the detailed climate report I have not yet implemented the significant conditions
e.g see mine:

now, there are number of ways I could implement this
and I am looking for ideas
1): use the weather conditions from a downloaded aiport metar…i.e wd checks for significant weather events (snow, hail, thunder, gale, heavy rain, fog, etc)
(and then it would be coded , say 4 letter abbreviation sort of thing (e.g THDR )
2): From what you have selected from a list as the significant weather conditions under input daily weather (i would add that)
3): I get WD to just use your data (and if you have a lightning detector, use that to determine if a thunderstorm (i would have to add that as an option and the range and or thresholds for counts per minute etc), and use your own recorded windspeed, and your own fog settings (in the summary image and icon setup) and also have thresholds for heavy rain (i.e total for the day)…and for snow (again from your settings in the summary image and icon setup), etc…this way, it would be retrospective for the current month instead of starting from now with options 1 and 2 above

In keeping with tradition I guess “all of the above” is probably the only way to satisfy most of the audience.

You know me, I don’t like to rely on other stations for anything to do with my data/conditions/etc. #-o

Number 2 sounded best, even though it would require manual input from the station operator. It would allow each station operator to input personal observations on the days weather.

Number 3 would be my second choice, but it sounds complicated. With so many possibilities I wonder if it would work 100% of the time for 100% of the users. And not all stations have a full array of sensors to determine local conditions.

Number 1 would be my last choice. I download a metar (just for the visibility), but the conditions rarely match with my station/location as it’s in the valley and about 18 miles away.

#2 would be the easiest to implement thats for sure

Number 2 would probably be the best, though I suspect many will not be able to do that on a daily basis because of their work, or travel, etc. Not sure how well the third option would work for those of us who do not have lightning and/or solar available.

I think I like #3 best - metar is too different than my conditions, and #2 take daily input.


My vote is for #3.

maybe I will have to have it as a option which method…

OK, I have it working auto now, with this .zip update (build 10):
(and unzip the climatedata.html and climatedatayear.html files to your webfiles folder (or add to your customisation of those files) , as there is a fog days and gale days added)
the thresholds for setting snow or fog is what you have set in the summary image and icon setup, thresholds
if the temperature goes below -10oC i have put COLD, or if goes above 35oC I have put HOT
more than 50mm of rain for the day and i will say RAIN
(i guess i will need to make those user selectable thresholds)
the threshold for GALE is 10 minute average speed of 35 knots (38mph or so) or more
( i have 4 gale days last year :slight_smile: )

Anything but 1) !!! Metars are not accurate and lack details

I assume it will work with temp

i have now added it as user adjustable the settings for HOT COLD and RAIN
in build 10 .zip, ready now
(in the detailed climate section under view, averages/extremes :slight_smile:

Works fine!

Thanks Brian! :slight_smile:

Is possible select different threshold settings (rain) to Climatedatayear report?


If someone will move this its ok but I put it here…

When I installed the build 10 .zip yesterday for the new climatestuff, the customclientraw stopped working, so I have to roll back to my old version of WD :?


Temp 89.4F
Dew pt 78.3F
Humidity 70%
Heat Index 103F

maybe hot as hades as an option? ( not that I have been there , but I have know people that should have been there to report.) :oops:

i made no changes to the customclientraw routine that i can think of
so you mean its not being updated or not being uploaded or?

i updated from build 00 to build 10. its stopped updating and when i roll back to b 00 it works fine again…


is that stopped updating on your HD or stopped uploading to your web site?

its stopped updating on the HD.


ok, i discovered I copied over some code by mistake when I added the clientviewer custom screen code
sorry about that
build 11 .zip should be Ok again

re the rain for the year report, its still rain for that day in the month…