Signature sizes

It is nice to see the temp and time at the poster’s location. I’ll be happy to comply with whatever is agreed upon. I can take the picture of Sadie the wx dog off…got the digital camera for xmas and had to use it! :slight_smile:

images that dont change are ok, as your browser will cache them and so not increase the download issue…once you have already visited it

dial up users can set to not show images in their broswer settings if its realy an issue

I’ve made changes to mine to reduce size from 65k to 14k. If the physical size needs to be smaller just let me know.

Dunno about anyone else, but the pixel size seems to quite okay, not too large at all.

I agree with all this - also making the threads more uniform with the smaller sigs.
I will be working on a new custom screen today also.

One other note - if you are making a custom screen, I think it is helpful if you include the tag for WD version number in your sig - I remember Brian asking the peoples version number hundreds of times when troubleshooting.

I been cacheing up on reading of posts and I was thinkning of changeing my sig also (don’t know if it is to big but a change will not hurt)
I been searching but with no luck and I am preaty sure that there is a nother post on how to make a sign. Can someone give me the url to that post?


Are you talking about a custom screen?
If so, here is the FAQ

Yes that is the one Thanks. That will not change any screens I have on my weather site. Will it?

No it won’t -
Any custom screen you make is separate, and you choose to create and upload it separately from anything else.

Ok. Looks like I am going to have some reading to do. Thanks for the info

A bit off topic but…

IMHO Custom Screens are still one the biggest bestest aspects of WD, not that there aren’t a number of others, but Custom Screens really set WD apart and add so much more functionality :slight_smile:


Is mine okay at 37kb? I’d like to slow it down to a 7 sec delay if possible… but I don’t know how

I feel stupid asking this question, but the layout of the control panel has changed so much (we have WD 10.31o) that I can’t make sense of the FAQ for making custom screens, even though I’ve done it before. How do I get to it these days? I’m trying to make a gif file for my signature.

Under View… Bottom third left


Thanks :oops: (Note to self: pay more attention.)

Ahhh it happens to all of us…

I swear I bet Brian even has to look twice for some things :wink:


Foggy (unripegreenbanana (how did you come up with that name?)
i have added ability to set the frame rate change to the animated custom screen setup
in a new 10.32h zip, ready in a few hours

lol I thought of that as an email address when I was 12… just wanted to be different I guess! :smiley: :smiley:

Perhaps you should be ripegreenbanana now?

What’s a sig!!! :smiley:

Actually, I reckon mine is the best!!!

If I can throw in my 2c worth, I find them a bit annoying - especially when one person takes part several times in the one thread. Perhaps the question should be asked another way - ie does anyone find the sigs useful when they are reading the forum. For instance how many times have you clicked on the banners?