Signature sizes

Just a note to qualify this: I worked for a “dot bomb” company 5+ years back and one of the duties was page design/layout/analyzing. Back then “eyeballs” were king as the site was advertising supported and if you don’t get the “eyeballs” you can’t sell advertising. Many studies were done on page load times.

The sudies showed that if a page took over 20 seconds to load, you lost 50% of your first time visitors. For each 10 seconds over, you lost another 10% with 60 second load times losing 90%. While this info is 5+ years old I suspect that visitors are somewhat more tolerate of slower page load times.

As members we do have the option of turning off signatures. Most likely 75% of the members do not even know that. Looking at the visitor numbers at the bottom of the main page 50% of visitors here are guests that can not turn off signatures. As an average, 50% of web users still use dialup… in the end that means at the very very minimum 25% of visitors here experence slow page loads times.

Thought I would look to see just how slow the pages here are. I ran an analyzist on this page (before this post) and came up with the following numbers:
267K page size
28.8K 115.97 seconds
33.6K 99.43 seconds
56K 59.74 seconds
ISDN 128K 18.43 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps 1.78 seconds

Taking another random page here I found that took the following:
497K page size
14.4K 385.74 seconds
28.8K 192.97 seconds
33.6K 165.43 seconds
56K 99.34 seconds
ISDN 128K 30.56 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps 2.84 seconds

Like I said before, when you’ve had broadband for awhile it is easy to forgot just how slow things are when you are on dialup.