Sheevaplug Install

I have a Sheevaplug that I’ve been fooling around with. Right now it has “Linux ubuntu #1 PREEMPT Mon Jan 18 15:56:12 MST 2010 armv5tel GNU/Linux” installed.

I did see where there was a console version developed for the ARM processor - I download that, but it didn’t work. Was having the same problems as this post:

Anyway, this could be a great little low wattage interface to weather underground for my WMR100.

Does anyone have wdconsole working on the Sheevaplug?

No, it does not work on it, it was basically for the ARM, but Sheevaplug = ARMEL
I did try it myself on Ubuntu, and on Debian.

I was hoping to look at the Sheevaplug as a solution. I guess I will look at writing some Java code to see I can interface to the Davis VP 2 with the arm-el, not sure if there is a release of Java for that yet. I have some baseline code working with Linux and Windows but if can get a Java working for Sheevaplug that would be cool.

Mike - N7DQ

Mike -

If you’re trying to interface your Sheevaplug with a VP2 - have you looked at wview ??

They don’t list my WMR100 as supported hardware - so I was thinking of acquiring some hardware that they support - I need only a console and an outside temp / humidity sensor - so a VP2 might be overkill.

Anyway, just wondered if you had looked at the wview application and what were your thoughts?

(Hope I’m not posting something I shouldn’t, but we’ve established the Sheevaplug doesn’t work with wconsole.)

Thanks - Geoff
Colorado Springs, CO